Monday, October 31, 2016

look forward!

This week has been one of change! This week I have really learned that repenatnce really is like lifting weights. When we exercise, our muscles are being stretched and torn and then they are filled in with more muscle, resulting in your ability to become stronger. In relation, when we sin, big or small, I believe it tears at our spirits, faith, and relationship with God but as we utilise the Atonement and repent, Jesus Christ literally fills in the tears with his grace, mercy, and love which makes us spiritually stronger. It teaches us how to rely on the Saviour and why we should rely on the Saviour. As Christ fills in those missing pieces our faith increases, our patience grows, and we become more Christ-like men and women. I have really felt that this week. This week has been full of ups and downs. And I am so grateful for it! I have gone from feeling very inadequate to knowing that I am and trusting that God will help me to become what He needs me to be. This week, my relationship with my Father in Heaven grew immensely. I know that He loves me. I loved a quote by President Ulrich this week, he said, "Look forward, the moment you do you will be happier". I love that because as I strive to repent of my past mistakes whilst looking forward to what I can become I feel excited! I know that I will get through the trial at hand and I don't feel hopeless. Instead I feel empowered. Before my mission, I would feel so hopeless sometimes that I would just want to move on to the next thing and not think anymore about my struggles.This is something I think I've needed to realise my whole life. Stop concentrating on the past. Repent(AKA Change) and move forward believing that God will make you exactly what you want to become. This week I realised that, "Saints can be happy in every circumstance", prayer is powerful and it works...SERIOUSLY, and I need to have a clear vision of what I want to help others accomplish, what I want to become, and of who I am right now. 

I have learned that Heavenly Father loves me right now as I am. He loved me for who I was. He will love me for who I will be but the amount of trust He bestows upon me is up to me. 

This week I got to go on exchanges with a new missionary from Australia, Sister Setu. SHE IS A POWER HOUSE! Talk about diligent and hilarious! That girl stopped every single person that she could on the street and shared simple truths with them about Jesus Christ. She has a smile that shines almost brighter than her testimony(but I don't think anything could) and she really opened my eyes! She really taught me to just be calm and love! I have been able to see sisters really open up and share with me some of their biggest fears and hardest times and I am so grateful for that! Being able to lose myself and focus my efforts on serving them has been such a great privilege! It is amazing to me the things that we can accomplish when we just put our minds to it.

This week was Sister Bellersen's first 5 Weeks meeting! We got to go to Manchester and she got her iPad(she is pretty excited)! I feel like I have known her my entire life! She is so fun! She is a diligent missionary with a really big heart! I am really so grateful I get to be her companion at this time! I am grateful for her knowledge, opinions, honesty, and kindness for those we meet! I can't wait for you all to meet her some day! She is the craziest german lady ever! She is always trying to get me to eat more apples and take more vitamin C(I gotta love her!) 

There is so much amazing history here in Preston about the Church of Jesus Christ! This is the place where the very first missionaries came! Gordon B. Hinckley a prophet of Jesus Christ served his mission here! We are standing on the shoulders of spiritual giants but with that in mind the work of the Lord is not easy here. Satan works extra hard to stop his children from progressing in this blessed land. I just really wanted to thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for your desire to become the best you that you can. I am grateful for each of you and truly consider you my brothers and sisters! I want you to know that you can do anything! Don't let your current circumstances envelop you. You can overcome anything as you put your trust in Heavenly Father! Try new things! Never fear! God truly is near! he lives! he loves us! he hears our prayers and he will make your righteous desires a reality! All you need to do is ask!

I don't really know what else to say, all I know is that I know God lives! I know that He has a plan for us. I know this because just like in the past, He has called a prophet to teach us and guide us. He has shown us the way. We just need to jump out of ourselves and try new things! I know that He loves you. I truly do. Have a wonderful week! Don't be afraid to let miracles happen in your life! 


Sister Cummins

PS: Thank you each for reading my emails and writing me emails. It means everything to me! Adieu!

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