Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"see you on wednesday"

Hiya, you alright?

it's been a while since I started an email like that...or even heard that phrase. They don't really say it up here in good old Preston, England! When I first got out in England I was SO perplexed about how people ask you how you're doing and don't even stop to listen and now it doesn't even fade me. It is weird how we get used to things or stop to notice little things as we become accustomed to them. That can be really good or it can be really bad. I have noticed that throughout my life I have become accustomed to hearing and saying sarcastic comments and being "jokingly" rude to those whom I love that surround me. President Ulrich recently invited us to fast with the purpose of being able to better notice what makes the companionship of the Holy Ghost go away(when we are baptised we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost to be a companion and to guide us or comfort us throughout our lives as we are living worthy of His companionship). So as I fasted and prayed I felt that sarcasm was a big thing that drew me further from heavenly father and as I have been striving to not be sarcastic within the past few weeks I have seen a big difference in my relationships with others and my effectiveness as a missionary, especially in patience! My whole life I had become this sarcastic woman and as I've stripped myself of it I see life and others in a whole new way. I am less easily irritated and more long-suffering and people enjoy being around me even more! HOW GREAT IS THAT! 

So that is my invitation to you this week! Pray and fast for a day to know what you could work on in order to bring your life into closer harmony with Heavenly Father and then ACT! I promise that you will be happier as you do so and you will feel and improved sense of self-control and love for those who surround you!

This week we had an incredible mission Leadership Council where we learned all about who we are! We are all divine, special children of a Father in Heaven. We are sons and daughters of God!! He sacrificed His only Begotten Son so that we all can live and overcome our sins as well as death! We are special! We are unique! We are needed! As we are obedient and follow the counsel our loving Father has provided for us to get through this life we will see so much joy! That's a promise! He created us so of course He knows just what we need!

This week we have seen a lot of miracles! We went to go see a friend, Joseph, but he didn't end up answering. We felt sad at first but we knew there was a reason we had come all this way to get too this area. Right when we were about to go knock on some doors, this woman opened the door next to his and she had met missionaries before! She had just moved in the day before and she was interested in hearing more so we got to talk to her for a little while!

Then I was on the bus and this woman was sitting across from me. I told her I liked her shoes and then ten minutes later we were making an appointment to meet again to talk about Jesus Christ!

Yesterday we were supposed to bring our friend, Jane, to a mission fireside where many recent converts speak about their experiences with learning more about the teachings of Jesus Christ but she cancelled so instead we knocked on some doors and we were led to this blue door. The woman's name was Jeane and she has a very devout Mormon uncle in Florida who she really admires and she said we could come back on Wednesday. Later, as we were walking down the street she drove up in her car saying, "SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY!!" How amazing is that!?! Boy that was a great feeling!!

Heavenly Father promises His missionaries He will prepare the way before them but first He needs to see He can trust us! He makes some things not work out so that He can fulfill His purposes and help his children. I feel so privileged to be a part of this work! To be able to share with others the truths I have been lucky enough to know about my entire life! I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love Him! He is my Saviour. I know that through Him we an overcome any weakness  or challenge we may face. I know God lives. I know He hears and answers our prayers. I know that the truths Christ shared thousands of years ago have been fully restored to the earth today! I relish in truth and knowledge! I love this life. I love my family and I say all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Sister Cummins

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