Monday, January 23, 2017


Wow. It is a beautiful day. I am sitting in the Young Single Adult building in the city of Manchester because we had a big zone activity today. Life is so good. This week has been one of so much learning and growth. 

I love being a missionary because we see little miracles happen everyday. It is all based on our focus. When I focus on the good and show gratitude for the blessings in my life, I feel so filled with joy. When I am grateful I can then see all the ways Heavenly Father blesses my life. This week I got to give a talk on grace in sacrament meeting. What a privilege it was to share my thoughts and feelings about the Saviour's grace. I learned so much about it. Jesus Christ already suffered literally every single experience we have. He knows just how to get us through the bad, sad, traumatic, or frustrating times. He knows exactly what we go through. He doesnt ask us to pay Him back. he doesnt ask us to bleed for him. All He asks is that we come and we follow Him. He asks us to allow Him to change us, to allow Him to touch our lives and help us improve. He asks us to allow Him to bring us true happiness that lasts through the ages. That is what grace does. It is the divine help and strength given to us by the Saviour, Jesus Christ. He is sufficient. My desire is to trust and become the person He needs me to be. My desire is to work hard. The only way I can accomplish that desire is by having high expectations. If I have high expectations, miracles happen. We can achieve anything. Father in Heaven has so many blessings in store for us. We just need to broaden and heighten our desire and perspective and He will bring us to greater heights than we have ever imagined. His grace is sufficient for our needs. I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour. He is the Son of God, He did perform the miraculous.

This week our friend Bernard was baptised. We have watched him change drastically. I feel so chuffed and joyous for him. it is incredible the things that God can accomplish through us. He lets us be a part of it. How lucky we truly are. 

My challenge to you is to broaden your perspective by striving to recognise the things you are grateful for. I can promise that as you do this that you will feel the Lord lifting your burdens off of your back. You will feel His love for you. It is there. He does live.

Have a wonderful week and dont forget to smile and be changed.

Sister Cummins

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

object lessons

Well...yet again I have zero time...I am sorry! Missionary life is so busy! It is so good and Manchester is full of prepared people! Our friend bernard is getting baptised THIS week...he had to move it back but he is accomplishing it and we had two friends at church with us yesterday! I LOVE SHARING THE GOSPEL and I found a new way to do it....OBJECT LESSONS! I have started relating the teachings of Christ to different objects on people's clothing and it works so well!

Some of the analogies I used were:
-man sitting on a bench eating: "wow, that looks so tasty and filling! Just as that is filling your physical body with energy, our spiritual body needs strength and energy as well. As you feast upon the words of Christ, *holds up Book of Mormon*, I know that you will feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for you and you will have more joy in every aspect of your life."
-In a lesson with someone with glasses: "just as your glasses help you see the world more clearly, the Book of Mormon can be our spiritual glasses that help us see who we are more clearly"
-Tracting someone's door: "Well Adam, do you ever use hair gel?" "Yes..." "Why?" "Because my wife doesn't like my hair flying around" "Just as hair gel keeps has a strong hold and keeps our hair calm when the wind blows, the Book of Mormon gives us a strong hold in life when the different winds of life hit and try to blow us down."

It is so fun and makes people laugh! SO HAVE FUN! Make fun jokes! Share truths that are eternal and see miracles happen.

PS: CRUMPETS ARE THE BEST! Oh and American sweets have nothing on the Brits.....I think Im being converted.....I LOVE ENGLAND!!

Sister Cummins


Monday, January 9, 2017

it's january 9th!

No, I have no reason why January 9th is so fantastic other than the

fact that it is just wonderful to be alive!! Seriously!! I am so
grateful that I am here in good ol, jolly England!! His week has been
a week of miracles!!

So as we were tracking this week, this one woman called through the
door, "Come in!!" We were totally shocked and surprised. She opened
the door and she was moving house! So we helped! Her friend, Lisa,
then came and started helping. It was the second time Lisa had come
over in 3 years to her friend, Lucy's! As we talked we found out that
Lisa was more interested in our message. She felt like she was just
existing and she has lost hope for a lot of different reasons. As we
met with her and shared more with her, she had the greatest desire to
be baptised!! She is dated for the 21st of December but Satan is
working hard! So we are praying hard for her. We also are praying hard
for our friend Bernard. His daughter, Mary Rose was just baptised and
he will be this weekend too! He has overcome many rials and set backs
and has learned to repent. It is amazing.

I love being able to learn. I love being able to watch other people
accept the full gospel of Jesus Christ and see their lives change! We
had a vision Meeting this week to set the vision for our mission and
we are striving to change our nature! We are so excited for this new
year! It will be a year of many miracles!

I know who I am. I know I am a daughter of God. Our story goes on.
This is just a part of our eternity. There is so much more. Gods plan
is eternal. He lives. He loves us. Jesus Christ is our Saviour. I say
this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you loads!!

Sister Cummins

Monday, January 2, 2017

happy new year!

Well everyone!

I've got three here is the low down.

It was Daddio's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

Now it is 2017!! Yahoo! Now that I have declared the obvious I want to
tell you all something exciting!

I have been praying D praying and praying to know what my goals should
be for this coming year! I didn't know...until this morning when
Heavenly Father answered my prayer!!

I was praying and felt prompted to read this random talk I hadn't
looked at....ever. As I read I bought really? This is it? But then as
I read my heart was filled with so much joy because the last paragraph
was exactly what I needed! It said, "Lose all desire to do evil" and
that is my goal! I want to lose my desire for evil so that I can
become more like my Saviour and return to him and my Father in Heaven
someday! Maybe it's cheesy...I do not care though! It was inspired and
an answer to my prayers! He is there!

3 minutes is up!! There have been many miracles this week! I wish I
could share more!!

sister a Cummins