Monday, February 29, 2016


"Hiya! You alright?!"
This is what I hear every single day, multiple times a day! This is
how British people say hello! And when you reply with how you are they
know you're American because they actually aren't asking if you're
alright they just say it as hi! But then they get caught off guard and
when I say "I'm great how are you?", then they have to talk to me!
MUAHAHAHAHA!! It's brilliant and I love it!!

This week has been too magnificent!! Oh my goodness! So we got
transfer calls last night and I am staying in WREKIN! Wahoo! Wrecking
it in Wrekin for another go!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! It's so
wonderful I can hardly stand it!!! Okay so this week has been chalk
full of miracles!!

First, Sister Reimert and I are closer than ever...and I thought we
were already so close! So we are cookin with fire now!!

Second, we have seen SO many miracles it is simply madness!!!
Yesterday we were calling by less actives and every person we saw on
the street either stopped us or when we stopped them were super
interested and the Lord got three new investigators!! How incredible
is that?!? And it has just been lots of small miracles all week long
that have been blowing us away!! We aren't sure why the Lord is
blessing us with so many incredible experiences but I'm not going to
question a good thing! I can really see His hand in our lives!!

Thirdly, an investigator who has been investigating the church for
about three years and who is basically a dry Mormon read what we asked
her to for the first time this week! She has never read before and we
are seeing her change drastically! It's amazing how just taking that
small leap of faith can totally just change a person! That seed is
planted and I am just so excited to watch her continue to progress!!!!

This week has been simply amazing! Some man told his friend Sister
Reimert was his girlfriend and then he tried to put his arm around her
but she moved...and he was a little that was exciting! Oh
and we went into Manchester this week and got spiritually uplifted by
President Ulrich! I'm telling you, that man is SO inspired and he is
just so happy and positive! I just love him and Sister Ulrich! Also,
Sister Reimert and I have a jungle gym that we started exercising with
so that is pretty wonderful! #ivegainedsomuchweight #workitoff

 I just love being a missionary. It is the most incredible experience!
My testimony grows every single day! I know that happiness is a choice
and I as I actively choose to be every single day I just feel
unstoppable and beyond excited about life! As I feel myself verging on
frustration I can feel the Lord reminding me about the promise I made
to Him and myself to push forward with a continual smile! It's really
not hard, we just have to make the decision to not get angry! As I
have prayed to be able to recognise(oh yeah they don't use z's for anything) the Spirit and follow what He is telling me
I can feel the Spirit more abundantly and I know that I am a
mouthpiece for the Savior to these people. I love the joy that I feel
doing this work and I have really seen that as I have strived to fear
no man and be focused on what God needs me to do, I am becoming the
person that God needs and wants me to be...and I love it!!!!

Have faith. Be patient. Trust that God will make miracles happen, if
you allow Him to. Fear no one!

I challenge each of you to get up and share what you know with a
friend and for those of you who haven't heard or looked into the
church I challenge you to ask the missionaries in town to stop by or
to drop into church!

I promise that as we take those leaps of faith that Heavenly Father
will bless you abundantly!! ABUNDANTLY I TELL YOU! Let him work
miracles in your life! He literally is our father and he loves us

Rock on my friends! Keep workin hard and building faith!!!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

1. Emailing with half the district
2. Taking my first awkward iPad selfies while every laughs at me
3. Me and my mission mum!

Monday, February 22, 2016

The past week

Sorry you didn't get my email from last says I sent it to all you wonderful people but apparently not.....I don't know what happened there but I really think you should read it...or at least the last part of it....lets just say there is a hilarious story you don't want to miss!(:
SO this week has been down right wonderful!
I went on my first exchange(when you switch companions with another companionship) and I was with the Sister Training Leader, Sister Conlogue! She is seriously amazing and I learned so much from her! It was really nice to see how other people do things like talking to people....I know that sounds weird but we get set in our ways and its nice to see how others casually work the Book of Mormon into conversation! She is very spiritual and aware of others and she really inspired me to be better at that!
Not a lot other than that happened this week...other than the fact that this one man told that he, "doesn't do Jesus on the streets" after which I replied with, "how about in your home!?!" and that was still a solid that was sad.
Oh! This week we decided to follow a prompting Sister Reimert has had for the past few tract down St. Aubin Dr in Dawley Bank. So we did it and guess what! We found this amazing man! His name is James and he is SO prepared! He has a boss from Utah that has really opened his eyes to how wonderful Christ is so when we knocked he was like, "yeah Ive actually really been wanting to learn more" and then when we went to teach him I took the role of  playing with his two sweet sons, Louis and Luca, so that James could actually listen to Sister Reimert who taught him about how Christ has restored his teachings to the earth today! He asked brilliant questions and he is going to come to church this week and he asked us for a return appointment! We are so excited to teach him!
As we go about preaching the gospel and the love that God has for each of His children, I can feel that love that He has for each of us. He is so aware of us! We have been sent to this earth so that we can learn and grow but He wants us to find our way back home!
I just want to end this email with my firm conviction that I know that Heavenly Father is our literal father. He loves us so dearly. As I study the scriptures and pray I can feel my mind being enlightened and I can feel myself strengthened! I would encourage each of you, whether you believe or not to read the Book of Mormon! Just give it a try. Honestly, what could you lose by reading it? I promise that if you read the introduction to it and you pray with the desire to know whether it truly is God's word that you will come to the knowledge that it is true. That Joseph Smith was a true prophet of the Lord and that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every single one of us. I know it! I love being a missionary and I love the people here in Telford, England! (Still cant believe Im in England)!
I love you all so much and am grateful for each of your examples to me!
Alma 32: 21-22
21 And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true.
 22 And now, behold, I say unto you, and I would that ye should remember, that God is merciful unto all who believe on his name; therefore he desireth, in the first place, that ye should believe, yea, even on his word.
So be like the kid from the Polar Express and just believe!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Sister Cummins!

(who says you can't do a headstand in a skirt?)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Miracles and Accidents

Hello! Hello! Hello! It is that time of the week again and I am hear and ready to fill you full of weird stories! And trust, this week was full of em!
First of all Sister Reimert meows SO good...sooo good that when we are walking she gets cats to follow us for blocks on blocks on blocks! Im telling you...CAT WHISPERER!
Anywho! I had my first Zone Meeting this week, which is where about 30 missionaries from close by areas get together and uplift each other! It was so fantastic and I just really learned that I need to completely focus on this time and give myself fully to Christ because I am only here for 17 more months! Theres not enough time! Its so wonderful yet sad yet FANTASTIC! I love it!
So when I say miracles I mean miracles!
This one 13 year old, Patrick, whos father is an atheist and he is following in his footsteps sat down and asked us all these questions he thought would stump us. Typically we wouldn't engage with people who don't want to listen and are just trying to prove us wrong but as we listened and answered questions he thought were "unanswerable" he listened and was calm and basically in the end I tried to pinky promise him that if he would hear our lessons we would answer the rest of his questions...but he doesn't do pinky promises so I had to punch promise yes I punched a 13 year old...but its okay because the mom, who is a member, was okay with it! Bahahah! Then he came to church on Sunday! BOOM! Miracle!
Secondly, DANNII IS BAPTIZED! I am so excited and grateful for her! I got to play a piece on the violin for it! It was such a privilege to contribute in that way! We had a really incredible experience with her last night! We were getting ready for bed and I was reflecting on my day, writing in my journal and I just felt like I should text her. At first it felt like it was too late but I just really felt like we should so as we started texting her it didn't feel like enough. So we called her! And she really needed it! She was feeling so low and kind of worried that she had made a bad decision but as we chatted with her and read a few scriptures with her(Alma 26:12, 27) She just felt so much better and that was such a miracle!! I have been struggling to know whether I am following the Holy Ghost or my own thoughts and I know that that decision/idea was not me!
Sister Reimert used the gift of tongues last night as we struggled to understand this sweet Portuguese woman, Maria. She was able to understand her and now we will go back on Thursday to help her learn English better! What a privilege it is to be a missionary! To be able to help people understand Christ's love for them as I try to more fully comprehend it myself! I am so grateful for the principles that I am learning and for the joy and sorrow that I get to experience! I have learned that as I focus on the Lord's work and stop trying to prepare for my future, Heavenly Father will bless me more greatly and plan that future for me, and I'm sure He is thousands times better at it than I!  Sister Reimert is loving, forgiving, and such a fantastic woman! I love her! She teaches me every single day through her obedient example!
On the other hand..if you noticed my caption is Miracles AND accidents....
Soo yesterday. We were tracting (knockin on doors telling people about the good word!) and this man opens the door and says, "Im Catholic and the Book of Mormon is made up!!!" and he was SO made me laugh SO hard...luckily not in front of him but seriously it was too hilarious. So we go to the next door and it has a sign that says, "No traders allowed" and I look at Sister Reimert and say, "Well its a good thing Im not Judah"...buh dum Chhhhhhh! bahahahah! I was so amused with myself that I peed my pants on this persons door step. Like a full on peeing of my pants. It was hilarious! Luckily I have no shame and Im not easily embarrassed otherwise that  would've been a catastrophe. Sister Reimert didn't believe me until she saw a drop land on my foot and then she allowed us to go home. It was quite exciting...and cold. Im pretty sure my tights froze...ANYWAYS!
I love you all and hope you have the happiest of weeks! Strive to be better than you were yesterday and work hard!
Dare to be a Mormon! Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a purpose firm! Dare to make it known!
Sister Cummins
toilet=the toilet but its just so blows my mind. I said I need the restroom and they're like no you need the toilet...its like yes, but ew.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello world!!

Hello world!! 
Oh boy oh boy oh boy am I excited to get to write you all about how wonderful this week has been!! 
Can you believe I have been gone for a month! OH BABY! 
So, the other day the grocery man came and delivered our shopping and I invited him to be baptized and tried to give him a BoM which he respectfully declined because he, "cant accept gifts when on the job"! I was like, "this may seem crazy but do you believe in Jesus Christ?" yada yada yada, a few words later and BOOM, "would you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized under the proper authority of God?" KABOOM! Seed planted! And Huston we didnt have a problem! Okay we did because he said no but HEY we tried! I have found that every missionary have there starting issues. Most new missionaries don't know what to say or wont talk....for me I talk to much! Shocker, I know! So I am trying to be better at switching off and being less of a bulldozer when teaching lessons and relying more on the Spirit to help me to know what to say and when to say it and it is working like a charm! Who woulda thought! I just get so excited and then I just cant stop myself! BUT I SHALL! It shall be done!

So the weather here in good ol' Wrekin is crazy. The other day it was beautiful and sunny...then it started hailing...and then 20 minutes later it was beautiful and sunny what the what?!? It is insanity how quickly it changes here! But, I got to break out the spring coat and look too fly for a white guy the other day and that was too exciting!! 

My favorite food here? Biscuits. Biscuits are cookies, but the British like to call them biscuits. There are these specific ones, they call digestive biscuits which is ironic because they are TERRIBLE for you so they really should be called back you up biscuits or digestive destroyers, but they are TASTY! And they are like graham crackers but round and have chocolate on the bottom and they are HEAVENLY people! Im telling you I could eat hundreds of those secret killers! 

Oh and the other day we stopped by a less-active, Diane Wyatt, and right when she opened the door she started crying...and we look at each other like uh oh...what did we do... Apparently she had been praying for help from God and then a few days later here we come all giddy and weird, knocking on her door! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Im telling you! She has been dealing with some really hard stuff but we are working out a way to get here to come back to church and she is too excited!! Oh and one less active, Anne Marie came to church with her daughter last week and she came this week and it was AMAZING! She is so sweet and she knows what is right and works towards being better everyday! 

The other night the bishop invited us for dinner and his kids are like my bffs. For real they are the best. Their family is laid out the same way as mine with an older brother, then two sisters, another boy, and the youngest is a daughter so we get along too well...and yes it really is too well because all I want to do is stay and talk about "the office" and other worldly things with them but we hop on out because we have people to teach!!! Anywho, Celeste, 6, takes me back to the trampoline and as Im about ready to jump my little heart out and do some mad back flips my trainer kindly destroys my dreams because apparently its undignified to jump on a trampoline as a a skirt...who woulda thought!?(; I have found out that in the eyes of missionary work my natural actions are quite undignified...Sister Reimert has lots of fun with me...hehehehehe

I am just loving it out here in Wrekin! The other day I taught my first spur of the moment Sunday School class and KILLED it! Well the Spirit killed it...I was merely just a tool but NONEtheless it was killed!! It is seriously amazing out here and my testimony grows each and every single passing day!

Something that really impressed me is that when we are baptized we promise that we will comfort those that stand in need of comfort, that we will bear one another's burdens, that we will mourn with those that mourn, and stand as representatives of God, always! We each have little imaginary name badges with the Saviors name across it! Be a light unto this world and do not be afraid to share the joy that Christ and His teachings bring into our lives! For those of you reading who are not Mormon, take a chance and ask the missionaries in town to come by and talk to you a little bit more about what we believe and how it can improve your quality of living! I promise that it will. I know that this church is true! I know that Jesus Christ has restored His original gospel and teachings on the earth TODAY through a living prophet! I promise you this! So find out for yourselves and for those of you who already have the truth, SHARE IT! Just do it! Because it is beautiful and we are all brothers and sisters! So get up off of that thang and go bring joy to the world!

I love each of you so much! Thank you for being such wonderful, strong examples to me! Thank you for making my life so blissful and for all the love and support you give! 

Stay happy.
Be fresh.

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

Monday, February 1, 2016

Can't Touch This

Cause I'm proud to be an American! Where at least I know I'm free!!
HELLO MY LOVELY AMERICANS! I cant sing anything other than church hymns over here and for those of you who know me well you realize that I constantly have some sort of something in this head of mine so that struggle is SO real! So I gave out my first Book of Mormon the other day and it was fantastic! I was on the bus going to the temple and I started talking to this man, Ahmad, and he was really nice and BOOM I was leaving and somehow I had managed to get him excited about the Book of Mormon! Okay...I didn't the Spirit did but I was the vessel so that was exciting!!!!!
I got to go to the temple this past week which was SO lovely! It was just so peaceful and we spent all day Tuesday there which was the best thing since sliced bread! The other day we went and did a street display in Wellington and I taught so many people and I just realized that  I don't care if these people think Im annoying or weird! I LOVE THEM and this is their salvation! So I just went crazy and spoke to a grip of people! Handed out some Books of Mormon(spreadin the good word!) and it is a blast! Sister Reimert and I went tracting(knocking on peoples doors) and just asked them what makes them happy and boy do people really trust us with a lot of information! Its fantastic and we got two new investigators that way!!! Ive heard so many life stories in this week and a half and I love it!!
The other day Sister Reimer asked me if I have ADHD and I just about died from laughter! Also, my blonde side is REALLY coming in I told my companion I didn't want to move our flat because "our flat is already so close to where we live".....hehehe oops. Oh the other day my bus pass went flying away so I used my mad goalie skills and dove for it like a boss! And guess what! I saved it...and I put on a brand new outfit in the process! #themudlife
Sooooo my companion meows to a boss.....she is the Cat Whisperer....THEY LOVE HER! We are still waiting to find out my super power but as soon as we know I will get right back to ya!
The best part about my days here is that Sister Reimert and I are ALWAYS singing! The other day we were walking in the pouring rain and we were singing There is Sunshine in My Soul(my fav hymn) and it was glorious! I LOVED every wet moment!!
This week we had lots of our investigators at church which was beyond exciting! They are progressing and doing so well! The people here in the Wrekin area are SO prepared and ready! They are so kid and a little odd and I am loving every fun moment here! The members here have a good laugh at me because I am so different from the English people but I love it! They tease me on the daily and I just relish in every moment of it!
This life is so good and it is all about how we look at it! We can either laugh through trials or cry and in the words of Marjorie Hinckley, "would much prefer to laugh because crying gives me a headache" I learned about her yesterday and she is my idol. I want to be her and I know that I can because that is my choice! Choose to be positive and laugh about the hard things. This life was meant to be enjoyed! So don't just endure but enjoy!
I love each of you so much and I miss you like madness but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Thank you for all the love and support and keep being wonderful and strong! Know that Christ truly understands how each of us feels! It may be mind blowing but it is the truth!
I want to let you all know that I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God! I know that we can have everlasting happiness as we follow the teachings of Christ and no Im not paid to say that!
Keep workin it!
Words of the Week:
Tea Apt= Dinner Apt
Dinner = Lunch (SO CONFUSING)
Call By = Stop By
Ring = Call
Niddle = A little
Posh = Rich
You alright = Hello(Ive learned they really don't care if Im alright...but I definitely still tell them every time!)
Pants = Underwear (There have been some unfortunate sentences with that one..., " I LOVE YOUR PANTS"....#awkward)
Cheeky = When you ask someone to do something in a joking way.....but you're serious( I do this way too often...but it works!)
Lift = ride
Much Love,
Sister Heather Shea Cummins
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Package Mailing Address:
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PS: If you ever send me any packages make sure you put it as being worth less than 30 pound(£)(as in the currency here in England pounds(£) and not the weight kind of pounds) or else I will have a ridiculous charge that I wont be able to pay and will probably not get it...LOVE YOU ALL!