Monday, February 29, 2016


"Hiya! You alright?!"
This is what I hear every single day, multiple times a day! This is
how British people say hello! And when you reply with how you are they
know you're American because they actually aren't asking if you're
alright they just say it as hi! But then they get caught off guard and
when I say "I'm great how are you?", then they have to talk to me!
MUAHAHAHAHA!! It's brilliant and I love it!!

This week has been too magnificent!! Oh my goodness! So we got
transfer calls last night and I am staying in WREKIN! Wahoo! Wrecking
it in Wrekin for another go!! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! It's so
wonderful I can hardly stand it!!! Okay so this week has been chalk
full of miracles!!

First, Sister Reimert and I are closer than ever...and I thought we
were already so close! So we are cookin with fire now!!

Second, we have seen SO many miracles it is simply madness!!!
Yesterday we were calling by less actives and every person we saw on
the street either stopped us or when we stopped them were super
interested and the Lord got three new investigators!! How incredible
is that?!? And it has just been lots of small miracles all week long
that have been blowing us away!! We aren't sure why the Lord is
blessing us with so many incredible experiences but I'm not going to
question a good thing! I can really see His hand in our lives!!

Thirdly, an investigator who has been investigating the church for
about three years and who is basically a dry Mormon read what we asked
her to for the first time this week! She has never read before and we
are seeing her change drastically! It's amazing how just taking that
small leap of faith can totally just change a person! That seed is
planted and I am just so excited to watch her continue to progress!!!!

This week has been simply amazing! Some man told his friend Sister
Reimert was his girlfriend and then he tried to put his arm around her
but she moved...and he was a little that was exciting! Oh
and we went into Manchester this week and got spiritually uplifted by
President Ulrich! I'm telling you, that man is SO inspired and he is
just so happy and positive! I just love him and Sister Ulrich! Also,
Sister Reimert and I have a jungle gym that we started exercising with
so that is pretty wonderful! #ivegainedsomuchweight #workitoff

 I just love being a missionary. It is the most incredible experience!
My testimony grows every single day! I know that happiness is a choice
and I as I actively choose to be every single day I just feel
unstoppable and beyond excited about life! As I feel myself verging on
frustration I can feel the Lord reminding me about the promise I made
to Him and myself to push forward with a continual smile! It's really
not hard, we just have to make the decision to not get angry! As I
have prayed to be able to recognise(oh yeah they don't use z's for anything) the Spirit and follow what He is telling me
I can feel the Spirit more abundantly and I know that I am a
mouthpiece for the Savior to these people. I love the joy that I feel
doing this work and I have really seen that as I have strived to fear
no man and be focused on what God needs me to do, I am becoming the
person that God needs and wants me to be...and I love it!!!!

Have faith. Be patient. Trust that God will make miracles happen, if
you allow Him to. Fear no one!

I challenge each of you to get up and share what you know with a
friend and for those of you who haven't heard or looked into the
church I challenge you to ask the missionaries in town to stop by or
to drop into church!

I promise that as we take those leaps of faith that Heavenly Father
will bless you abundantly!! ABUNDANTLY I TELL YOU! Let him work
miracles in your life! He literally is our father and he loves us

Rock on my friends! Keep workin hard and building faith!!!

I love you all so much!!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

1. Emailing with half the district
2. Taking my first awkward iPad selfies while every laughs at me
3. Me and my mission mum!

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