Thursday, December 22, 2016

merry chirstmas!

Hello!!! Hello friends!!


So I will actually be emailing again on Saturday because next Mondays
pday will be moved to Saturday because Monday is exciting because it
is Boxing Day here!!

Boxing Day is as big as Christmas and Christmas Eve!!


This week has been quite the day! It has been exciting and so much
fun! Manchester is incredible! Seriously. Incredible! I am not sure
how I should feel! This week Heavenly Father had a baptism!! Mary Rose
was baptised this week and so many amazing miracles have happened
since! This week has been one for the books! As we taught and met with
Mary Rose, her father Bernard came. Now Bernard had never sat in
before but as we just invited him and helped him to feel the spirit,
he came to the fact that he wanted to be baptised as well. He has been
loving the Book of Mormon. He was hesitant, now as he reads he finds
so many golden nuggets that touch his heart. He is making the Book of
Mormon the keystone of his faith. This family is forging strong faith
in the Lord and the power of his sacrifice because of the truths he
has learned from the Book of Mormon. I have only been here a week and
it is amazing.

This week we knocked on a door. The person, Sarah, opened, looked at
our name tags, and invited us in. We were both blown away because she
was praying at that time and then we knocked. We shared about the Book
of Mormon and she just loved it. After this we found a woman named
Saundra who was hesitant to let us in but as we came and sat down and
shared the light of Christ through His message she asked us if she
could be baptised. She asked if she could be baptised before we ever
even invited her. She could really feel the spirit so strong and
because of that she is thriving. Please keep them both in your

This week I had MLC(Mission Leadership Council) and there was so many
great gems we learned. Right now I really feel a big urge and desire
to learn more humility. That is my goal this transfer! I want to be a
woman who serves our Father in Heaven faithfully and quietly. I want
to do things because I love God and I love hose around me. I desire to
be better!!

I am excited for Christmas!! I will be emailing this Christmas Eve
because it is our day off instead of next Monday. I am sorry for the
lack of presents, letters, and other things that would be nice to get
from more in depth emails. I really have zero time. We only
have pday to do those this and those days are always so full. I am so
sorry. Please know that I love you. Please know you are important. You
each are children of God. While I am here I am learning how to be
better. How to help people, how to be loving , kind, and
compassionate. I am learning to be like Christ. I am trying to lose
myself in this work for him so please please please forgive me. I love
you all. Have a wonderful day!!

Signing off.

Sister Cummins


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Alright, Alright. The title gives it away. I am emailing you live from Manchester as we speak! Is that great or what!?! I am so excited! I have spent 5 1/2 glorious months in Preston and will now spend who knows how long serving here in Manchester South(Wythenshawe area) and it is exciting!! There is a lot of good work going on here in Manchester.

As I reflect upon the things that I have learned whilst in Preston I really feel like I have learned who Heavenly Father is and how to rely upon him, how important prayer and scripture study is, and how a mixture of obedience and love can help us acheive anything. I love learning. I love growth.

The past 5 1/2 months in preston I saw that as I told Heavenly Father what I was planning on doing, asked for his direction, and then acted upon the guidance I received miracles happened. My life was transformed. I learned how to really love people. I learned how listening really is such an important part of life. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. That is the truth. As I have fed my spiritual self, I have really been given a strength of faith that has helped me to overcome challenges and see miracles occur. Heavenly Father wants us to have strength. He loves us. He wants us to know how important we are to him. We have divine worth and potential in his eyes. No matter what happens he has provided a way for us to overcome our weaknesses and be better. He loves us. More than we can know. Do you believe that? Do you really believe that? Take a minute, sit back, and think about who you are. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, family, skills, everything. Now think about how all of these things are blessings that God has given to you to help you to learn and grow. What a blessing that is! We have so many blessings all around us. Even our weaknesses are blessings. We are taught by a prophet or ancient times that, "And if men come unto me I will show unto them theirweakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." As we are obedient to Father's will for us we see miracles happen. He knows us better than we could ever know or understand ourself. He loves us. He has provided a plan for us which is centralised upon his son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the son of God. Jesus Christ really knows us because he has truly experiences our sorrows. 

I am so excited to be here in Manchester. I want to apologise if my past emails have been scattered, confused, or lame. I will repent!

I love each of you very much! You can do hard things!

My new companion here is named Sister Limb and is from Utah! How great is that!! My first Utah companion! Yipeeeeee!!!! 

Take care!!

Sister Cummins

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

catch up!

Alrighty everybody! The other day, I was pondering and realised my
emails have been lame. I haven't told you half of my funny stories
here in Preston and I apologise for that!

Please forgive me!!

So here is a little catch up starting from this past week:
We got the worlds largest missionary Christmas tree from the best mum
to ever exist: Denise Cummins!! (Pictures to come)
As we were getting the Christmas lights she sent us for the tree, the
mail man tried posting them through the door and Sister Bellersen was
on the other side trying to pull it through helping him...I think it
was funnier when it happened but we were in such a funny mood that we
both peed our pants. I have a very poor blotter because within the
past 4 weeks I have peed my pants like 3 times. Hat probably isn't the
most dignified story to share but Sister Bellersen and I just have too
much fun together. In fact the other week we were at the library
waiting for one of our friends to come and I really don't even
remember what happened but she just had to go say something funny and
I had to spend the rest of our night running around
get the picture. It was exciting! We even went to visit the stake
president and his family later that night! That was fun.

I actually don't remember the order of these things but one man almost
whacked me over the head with a cane. It was late, they hadn't opened
the door, we left, they then opened, we ran back, and BOP! Almost
dead! Just kidding mum, I was fine! Don't worry! He was a really nice
man though!

Last week when we went to get grocery we found a bag that older people
in this country use to get grocery, with wheels, with us to Aldi.
Along the way home, both of our wheels broke. That may sound sad but
it was actually so so so funny! Everyone along the way was laughing
pretty hard at us as we hobbled on to each bus and ran down the hill

All of the bus drivers in this area have become our best friends. They
stop for us along the side of the road if we are lost. They always
wave at us and are a smiling face along the way! It is the BEST!

Also, we have two German friends that we are teaching! I have never
met a person who speaks German before in my mission and now that we
have Sister Bellersen we are finding all of the German speakers!! It
is pretty wonderful!

I love this place. I love all the experiences we get to have as
missionaries. We put up with and handle some pretty crazy, gross, or
weird things but I love it! I love that we learn every day and that I
get to consecrate my time to my Saviour! I know he lives! I know he
loves us dearly and hears our prayers!!

PRAY! Do it!

Have a great week and fear no man! Be bold and go crazy!(in a good
way!) Do something you feel inspired to do!!

Love you all!!

SISTER Cummins