Thursday, December 22, 2016

merry chirstmas!

Hello!!! Hello friends!!


So I will actually be emailing again on Saturday because next Mondays
pday will be moved to Saturday because Monday is exciting because it
is Boxing Day here!!

Boxing Day is as big as Christmas and Christmas Eve!!


This week has been quite the day! It has been exciting and so much
fun! Manchester is incredible! Seriously. Incredible! I am not sure
how I should feel! This week Heavenly Father had a baptism!! Mary Rose
was baptised this week and so many amazing miracles have happened
since! This week has been one for the books! As we taught and met with
Mary Rose, her father Bernard came. Now Bernard had never sat in
before but as we just invited him and helped him to feel the spirit,
he came to the fact that he wanted to be baptised as well. He has been
loving the Book of Mormon. He was hesitant, now as he reads he finds
so many golden nuggets that touch his heart. He is making the Book of
Mormon the keystone of his faith. This family is forging strong faith
in the Lord and the power of his sacrifice because of the truths he
has learned from the Book of Mormon. I have only been here a week and
it is amazing.

This week we knocked on a door. The person, Sarah, opened, looked at
our name tags, and invited us in. We were both blown away because she
was praying at that time and then we knocked. We shared about the Book
of Mormon and she just loved it. After this we found a woman named
Saundra who was hesitant to let us in but as we came and sat down and
shared the light of Christ through His message she asked us if she
could be baptised. She asked if she could be baptised before we ever
even invited her. She could really feel the spirit so strong and
because of that she is thriving. Please keep them both in your

This week I had MLC(Mission Leadership Council) and there was so many
great gems we learned. Right now I really feel a big urge and desire
to learn more humility. That is my goal this transfer! I want to be a
woman who serves our Father in Heaven faithfully and quietly. I want
to do things because I love God and I love hose around me. I desire to
be better!!

I am excited for Christmas!! I will be emailing this Christmas Eve
because it is our day off instead of next Monday. I am sorry for the
lack of presents, letters, and other things that would be nice to get
from more in depth emails. I really have zero time. We only
have pday to do those this and those days are always so full. I am so
sorry. Please know that I love you. Please know you are important. You
each are children of God. While I am here I am learning how to be
better. How to help people, how to be loving , kind, and
compassionate. I am learning to be like Christ. I am trying to lose
myself in this work for him so please please please forgive me. I love
you all. Have a wonderful day!!

Signing off.

Sister Cummins


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