Monday, March 28, 2016

belated easter baby


I hope you all had a wonderful week but more importantly a Happy
Easter full of family and joy for the fact that our Savior lives!!
What joy that sentence brings to my heart! Jesus Christ LIVES! He
broke the bands of death so that we can too! So that we can live with
our families forever! I am forever grateful to be alive and to know of
this truth! Attached will be a copy of this story called The Bridge.
It exemplifies God's love for us so perfectly. Please give it a read
and contemplate how our loving Heavenly Father felt and then think of
what you can personally do to thank Him and Jesus Christ for both of
their sacrifices!

So this week emailing will be kinda weird because I typically get two
hours but today I am splitting it we are taking one hour now
and then we will take one hour later tonight so if I don't reply to
all of you wonderful people, don't flip because I'm comin for you!!

So this week we came back to our flat because we had forgotten...okay
I had forgotten...the pamphlets we were giving out to invite people to
our Easter Activity. So we try to unlock the door but it is already
unlocked so in my head I'm like whatever, I probably forgot to lock
the door. So I push it open, Sister Reimert walks in under my
arm(she's short) and I look up to see a tall, bearded man staring back
at me. Naturally I scream and run out the door in the other direction,
leaving my companion inside, while she is calmly inside assessing the
situation..then I realized that it was the owner doing a flat
viewing(because they are selling it but not kicking us out) and we had
just forgotten that they were coming....I'm pretty sure I lost 40
years...and my scream scared the man too so I guess that it all worked
out in the end! MUAHAHA!

One other funny occurrence this week was when didn't know it was
daylight savings...and we woke up, took our sweet time to read in our
scriptures and then realised we were supposed to be ready for church
an hour that was exciting! #cutestchurchoutfitofmylife

This week we got asked to visit an amazing woman named Ann Woodhall
and oh my goodness she is fantastic!! Her husband just recently died
so we went and taught her about the plan of salvation and how she will
see him again at the end of the lesson when we asked her to be
baptised her only concern was that she didn't like water on her face!
It was incredible! She just understood and took it all in like a
sponge...but not literally because she isn't baptised yet! We also
taught our friend, Amy! She is SO prepared! She has been looking into
the church for three years and she has just started reading and
praying! She told us that she thinks it is true but just doesn't know
it yet. She has total faith and she tries everything we ask her to!
She said that once she finds out for a fact that it is true that she
will be baptised! And I know that God will answer he prayers and all
of yours as well!!

Well that's all for the week everybody! I hope you enjoyed this email.
HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! Keep being amazing and striving to be your best!
Keep helping your family and friends and being loving, wonderful
people! You are all amazing! Believe it!
"Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking less about
yourself!" Know your talents and use them for good! ROCK ON!

They put proper in front of everything. "That's proper nice!" Or "You
proper sausage!"
"You cheeky monkey!!" (When someone asks for something of you, you
call them a cheeky monkey. I've got this one down) whenever I ask a
member if they want to give us a ride or come teach with us I say, "Do
you feel like God is calling you to (insert place)" or "Are you bones
just tingling to come out with us today" and the I give them a silly
smile and BOOM SHACKALACKA we are on our way!!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: I secretly love butter on my sandwiches now....don't judge
me...okay judge me...but try it! You would be surprised!👍🏻😊


Monday, March 21, 2016

coming at ya!

What up! What up! What up!

Hello people of the American continent!!
So I'm going to have to keep this short and sweet because I am real low on time and not too much happened this week!

This week we traveled a TON! I went to Manchester which was seriously incredible! We went to this meeting called Tim Out for Sisters and we did some hot yoga...which wasn't all too hot because I flopped around like a wet fish...just kidding I was a dry fish...but a fish nonetheless! 

This week Sister Reimert got really super sick so we spent quite a bit of time in the flat. I could've napped too but instead I...ORGANIZED! And I adored it! Our flat is gorgeous now! OH and we got a couch, a new table, some bookshelves, working knives, and another cutting board....and it is AMAZING!!! Our flat was wonderful before but it is wonderfully fantastic now!! We look like executives with each of us having our own table! Oh and I got to make decorations for the walls! The quote I put on the wall is, "Dare to be a Mormon. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose strong. Dare to make it known." I love that quote! It inspires me and makes me want to be bold as a lion and gentle as a lamb! I love this calling! If that isn't clear yet...I'd like to clear it up! Being a missionary is the most fulfilling adventure I have ever embarked on!! It bends me and stretches me and makes me better!! What more could I ask for! AND

 I have seen people make amazing changes and strive to become the best they can! I am becoming someone I know Heavenly Father needs me to be and I just adore it! Change is the best! It is enthralling and exhilarating! I pray that I will continue to change every single day for the rest of my life...I'm sure I've said that before and I will say that forever! 

I love each of you and I am so grateful to be alive! Thank you for all of your support and kind words! Thank you for strengthening me and for all you do to strengthen and love those around you!! This week I would like to invite you to have faith in something that you normally would doubt and to act on it because faith without works is dead! In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!!

I hope each of you have an amazing week and strive to become better each and every day! Don't fear for God truly is near! That may be cheesy be it's even more true!!

Keep working hard people!!!

Loads of everlasting love,
Sister Heather Shea Cummins

England Manchester Mission
Spring Wood Suite G5
Booths Park

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

hey, come back here!

My oh my this week has been one for the books!
This week, Sister Reimert and I really went crazy and spoke to just
about everyone that we could! The other day we prayed that the next
person we saw on the street would be prepared for a baptismal invite.
So, when we saw that next person we ran after them....literally! We
tried to get his attention by calling for him, but he had head phones we ran after him and just about gave him a heart attack! His
name is Dan and we got to teach Dan about Heavenly Father's great love
for him! As we progressed and related Christ's teachings to him
personally he was interested in finding out more! Then we stopped a
man on a bike, named Colin, and he had spoken to missionaries before
but had lost contact, SO we will meet with him on Wednesday and
rekindle that flame!! Oh and then last night as we were walking home
we met one man named Liam who is atheist, in reality he has so much
faith he just doesn't see it, but he took a copy of the Book of Mormon
and he committed to read the introduction and meet with us on Friday!
After saying aurevoir to Liam we literally walked ten steps and met
two other men, Damian and Grant, one of which accepted a baptismal
invite and we will be meeting with them both very soon! Miracles are
happening, people! I don't know why Heavenly Father is trusting me
with so many amazing and prepared people...but I am SO grateful for
it!! It's outstanding!

 I have been on the search for small acts of service I could do for
Sister Reimert that she may not notice and so I decided that while she
was in the shower I would wash her shoes. As I have taken the time to
put that first in my morning and try to serve her as well as implement
praying for her I have seen my love increase immensely! Our
companionship is better than ever! We are both trying to be more
gentle, soft, and loving and she is amazing at it! When Sister Reimert
sets her mind to something she gets it done! She truly is one of the
most dedicated people I have ever met and I am so grateful for the
influence and strength that she radiates!

The weather here in good old Wrekin is GORGEOUS! It is warm and sunny
and JOYOUS! Oh happy day!! It is so green here and we are loving every
single moment of it! The best part is it's a no jacket or tight zone
for me!! I'm free flowing and I LOVE soaking in the warmth!!

Unfortunately I have no restroom stories this week...other than we
have been sharing these stories with all of our members at tea
appointments and they have all cringed at the thought of me after I
have had children....but hey, we are ward bonding!

I truly love missionary work!! It is the greatest adventure I have
ever gotten to embark on and I love that as I trust in Heavenly Father
and act on the promptings that He blesses me with I see drastic
changes in who I am! I relish in changing!! Which is so odd because at
the beginning I was super prideful and didn't want to change at
all...and now I pray for it! Who would've thought!!

This week I'd like to invite each of you to pray to find out in what
way you most struggle with pride on it! BOOM, simple! It
may be something as simple as saying, "I love you" more, not thinking
a negative thought, trying to be less sarcastic, reaching
out/complementing someone, or doing a small act of kindness for
someone you typically wouldn't. I PROMISE that as you do this, as you
pray for what God wants you to work on that He will make it known unto
you! I also promise that as you do so and try your best that you will
experience an insurmountable amount of joy! You will have a clearer
mind and feel greater purpose!

I know that we can do all things through Christ! If you get the
chance, read Moroni 7! It's the best!
Moroni 7:33: And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye
shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.
I know that faith is an action word! As we act on our faith and work
on our pride Christ will help us along the way!

I love each of you phenomenal people with all my heart! Thank you for
all the love and support you show me! I hope you each of you have a
fantastic week!!

LOADS of love from yo SISTA across the pond,
Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: the first sister missionaries ever were sent to my mission! This
place is chalk full of history! It's incredible!

Monday, March 7, 2016

the red flusher

Hello world!

It is that time of the week again and I have arrived!!!!!

Oh man oh man oh man!! In the words of one of the elders here in my area, "this week was TOPS" 

I am so grateful for this wonderful mission!!! As I have remembered who I have trusted and made a conscious effort to fear no man, I have been able to see miracles happen! This week Sister Reimert and I were tracting and this man opened the door. He was quite cynical and said, "why do you people keep knocking and bothering me!?" Sister Reimert told him we hope that he would have a wonderful day and he scoffed at us so before he shut he door I asked him what was on his mind. He replied by saying, "You don't care about me at all" and slammed the door closed. As we moved on to the next house I had a strong feeling that we needed to go back and knock again. A little frightened, we made our way back to his house and knocked again. He opened his window and he opened angrily after which I replied by telling him that we just wanted him to know that we really did care about him and we do hope he has a wonderful day. After that he came out and gave us this poetry book and his whole entire demeanour changed and we had a great conversation with him and he really opened up!

Funny story of the week:
So we called by(stopped by) a woman from our church who lives in a nursing home because I really needed to use the restroom and we all know how that goes if I hold it too long.... So we go here and she's not home. In the lobby though, there is a restroom we can use so we run in there and I look in this stall and see this long red string! I am beyond excited to pull the string so I run in here, do what's necessary and with a huge grin on my face pull it! To my dismay, no flushing occurred...instead the alarm starts sounding off super loud because apparently it's for people who have hurt themselves or fallen down....then a lady jumps on the intercom and asks me if I'm okay as I try to tell them hat I thought it would make it flush. One big scene later, we leave the nursing home hopefully to not return for a very long time...

Other than that, we hiked this hill today! The Wrekin!! Pics to come! And then the sun was out and gorgeous and oh my lanta I could see Wales!! It was incredible!! 

I love you all so dearly! 

I suppose if you get nothing else from this email, just laugh at yourself and don't take life too seriously oh and just let people know that you love them!!! You are all strong, amazing individuals! Let your light so shine before men!!!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: so it takes about two weeks to get mail here in England, SO if you would please just send letters and packages to the mission office for the rest of until I get off my mission, that'd be fantastic because there is such a good chance that I will end up getting a letter and I will have left that area, so it's just safer.

Sister Cummins
England Manchester Mission
Spring Wood Suite G5
Booths Park
WA16 8GS