Monday, March 28, 2016

belated easter baby


I hope you all had a wonderful week but more importantly a Happy
Easter full of family and joy for the fact that our Savior lives!!
What joy that sentence brings to my heart! Jesus Christ LIVES! He
broke the bands of death so that we can too! So that we can live with
our families forever! I am forever grateful to be alive and to know of
this truth! Attached will be a copy of this story called The Bridge.
It exemplifies God's love for us so perfectly. Please give it a read
and contemplate how our loving Heavenly Father felt and then think of
what you can personally do to thank Him and Jesus Christ for both of
their sacrifices!

So this week emailing will be kinda weird because I typically get two
hours but today I am splitting it we are taking one hour now
and then we will take one hour later tonight so if I don't reply to
all of you wonderful people, don't flip because I'm comin for you!!

So this week we came back to our flat because we had forgotten...okay
I had forgotten...the pamphlets we were giving out to invite people to
our Easter Activity. So we try to unlock the door but it is already
unlocked so in my head I'm like whatever, I probably forgot to lock
the door. So I push it open, Sister Reimert walks in under my
arm(she's short) and I look up to see a tall, bearded man staring back
at me. Naturally I scream and run out the door in the other direction,
leaving my companion inside, while she is calmly inside assessing the
situation..then I realized that it was the owner doing a flat
viewing(because they are selling it but not kicking us out) and we had
just forgotten that they were coming....I'm pretty sure I lost 40
years...and my scream scared the man too so I guess that it all worked
out in the end! MUAHAHA!

One other funny occurrence this week was when didn't know it was
daylight savings...and we woke up, took our sweet time to read in our
scriptures and then realised we were supposed to be ready for church
an hour that was exciting! #cutestchurchoutfitofmylife

This week we got asked to visit an amazing woman named Ann Woodhall
and oh my goodness she is fantastic!! Her husband just recently died
so we went and taught her about the plan of salvation and how she will
see him again at the end of the lesson when we asked her to be
baptised her only concern was that she didn't like water on her face!
It was incredible! She just understood and took it all in like a
sponge...but not literally because she isn't baptised yet! We also
taught our friend, Amy! She is SO prepared! She has been looking into
the church for three years and she has just started reading and
praying! She told us that she thinks it is true but just doesn't know
it yet. She has total faith and she tries everything we ask her to!
She said that once she finds out for a fact that it is true that she
will be baptised! And I know that God will answer he prayers and all
of yours as well!!

Well that's all for the week everybody! I hope you enjoyed this email.
HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! Keep being amazing and striving to be your best!
Keep helping your family and friends and being loving, wonderful
people! You are all amazing! Believe it!
"Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking less about
yourself!" Know your talents and use them for good! ROCK ON!

They put proper in front of everything. "That's proper nice!" Or "You
proper sausage!"
"You cheeky monkey!!" (When someone asks for something of you, you
call them a cheeky monkey. I've got this one down) whenever I ask a
member if they want to give us a ride or come teach with us I say, "Do
you feel like God is calling you to (insert place)" or "Are you bones
just tingling to come out with us today" and the I give them a silly
smile and BOOM SHACKALACKA we are on our way!!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: I secretly love butter on my sandwiches now....don't judge
me...okay judge me...but try it! You would be surprised!👍🏻😊


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