Wednesday, March 16, 2016

hey, come back here!

My oh my this week has been one for the books!
This week, Sister Reimert and I really went crazy and spoke to just
about everyone that we could! The other day we prayed that the next
person we saw on the street would be prepared for a baptismal invite.
So, when we saw that next person we ran after them....literally! We
tried to get his attention by calling for him, but he had head phones we ran after him and just about gave him a heart attack! His
name is Dan and we got to teach Dan about Heavenly Father's great love
for him! As we progressed and related Christ's teachings to him
personally he was interested in finding out more! Then we stopped a
man on a bike, named Colin, and he had spoken to missionaries before
but had lost contact, SO we will meet with him on Wednesday and
rekindle that flame!! Oh and then last night as we were walking home
we met one man named Liam who is atheist, in reality he has so much
faith he just doesn't see it, but he took a copy of the Book of Mormon
and he committed to read the introduction and meet with us on Friday!
After saying aurevoir to Liam we literally walked ten steps and met
two other men, Damian and Grant, one of which accepted a baptismal
invite and we will be meeting with them both very soon! Miracles are
happening, people! I don't know why Heavenly Father is trusting me
with so many amazing and prepared people...but I am SO grateful for
it!! It's outstanding!

 I have been on the search for small acts of service I could do for
Sister Reimert that she may not notice and so I decided that while she
was in the shower I would wash her shoes. As I have taken the time to
put that first in my morning and try to serve her as well as implement
praying for her I have seen my love increase immensely! Our
companionship is better than ever! We are both trying to be more
gentle, soft, and loving and she is amazing at it! When Sister Reimert
sets her mind to something she gets it done! She truly is one of the
most dedicated people I have ever met and I am so grateful for the
influence and strength that she radiates!

The weather here in good old Wrekin is GORGEOUS! It is warm and sunny
and JOYOUS! Oh happy day!! It is so green here and we are loving every
single moment of it! The best part is it's a no jacket or tight zone
for me!! I'm free flowing and I LOVE soaking in the warmth!!

Unfortunately I have no restroom stories this week...other than we
have been sharing these stories with all of our members at tea
appointments and they have all cringed at the thought of me after I
have had children....but hey, we are ward bonding!

I truly love missionary work!! It is the greatest adventure I have
ever gotten to embark on and I love that as I trust in Heavenly Father
and act on the promptings that He blesses me with I see drastic
changes in who I am! I relish in changing!! Which is so odd because at
the beginning I was super prideful and didn't want to change at
all...and now I pray for it! Who would've thought!!

This week I'd like to invite each of you to pray to find out in what
way you most struggle with pride on it! BOOM, simple! It
may be something as simple as saying, "I love you" more, not thinking
a negative thought, trying to be less sarcastic, reaching
out/complementing someone, or doing a small act of kindness for
someone you typically wouldn't. I PROMISE that as you do this, as you
pray for what God wants you to work on that He will make it known unto
you! I also promise that as you do so and try your best that you will
experience an insurmountable amount of joy! You will have a clearer
mind and feel greater purpose!

I know that we can do all things through Christ! If you get the
chance, read Moroni 7! It's the best!
Moroni 7:33: And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye
shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.
I know that faith is an action word! As we act on our faith and work
on our pride Christ will help us along the way!

I love each of you phenomenal people with all my heart! Thank you for
all the love and support you show me! I hope you each of you have a
fantastic week!!

LOADS of love from yo SISTA across the pond,
Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: the first sister missionaries ever were sent to my mission! This
place is chalk full of history! It's incredible!

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