Monday, August 29, 2016

birds, bread, and boys

Hello the people of the world!! There are people from all over the
world reading this email right now! Well maybe that is a little
presumptuous....let me try again. There are people from all over the
world receiving my email right now! How crazy is that! This email is
being sent to Trinidad, Denmark, England, and America! That is pretty

This week has been one amazing week!! But aren't they all in reality??

This week has been a whirlwind of wonderful! I felt so very inspired
by many things President Ulrich told us in our last weekly letter!
promise blessings, and get a return appointment!! That has changed my
mission and life!!! This week we saw SO many miracles because we put
this into action immediately! I think the best part is sharing a
promised blessing! That takes a conversation to an entire new level of
spiritual and it has helped us to find a lot of new friends!

and Du!!! IT WAS THE BEST EXCHANGE OF MY LIFE! Sister Du came into
Preston with me and it was the best exchange I have ever experienced!
Right when we got going the first person we met, Rosy, was really
interested! We shared a Book of Mormon and she invited us for
tea(dinner) at her new house! Then we walked two steps and met a step
son of a member of South Ribble Ward and he was really interested as
well! We got to go see a recently baptised friend, Pritti, who is
doing really well, and it was just full of excitement! Sister Du's
love for the work shines and she truly desires to speak and edifying
eve one she comes in contact with!

Something I've realised whilst being on a mission is that when we do
kind acts for praise or to receive in return our hearts get harder and
easily angered but when we serve because we truly love others and want
to build them THAT is when we feel the most peace and happiness enter
into our hearts and lives!

This week I really felt the Lord teaching me that when people feel the
love of Christ, that is when they become converted. I realised
recently that I need to implement this more in my teaching. I asked
myself, "Am I always seeking the spirit?" "Am I relying on the arm of
flesh or the arm of my Saviour?" And that has been my real
motivation/theme for this week. When I felt tired on the bus or like I
had talked to enough people, I decided to talk to just one more person
and push my limits. I'm a forever finder of FOREVER FRIENDS! These
aren't just people! These are spiritual beings whom I made promises
with that I would come and help!! As I've done this I have learnt SO
much! I have been striving to focus on not what I think, but what the
Lord thinks! What is the Lord telling me? Because in reality what I
think really doesn't matter and I feel on fire!

This week was full of funny! You are probably wondering about my
caption...and if you weren't before, now you are looking at my
caption....BIRDS, BREAD, AND BOYS! So, this week we were in Blackpool!
We were meeting lots of people and I was talking to this lovely woman
when all of a sudden I feel something hitting my legs. At first I just
ignore it but I continually have little weird feelings on my legs. I
look down and this boy was throwing bread at my legs and the birds
were attacking me! Ha! It was too funny!!! #experienceofalifetime The
weirdest things happen to you as a this week Sister
Barlow really needed a restroom, every house denied us access except
for a lovely couple, Barrel and Richard! They were lovely and we got
to have a great discussion with them! Who knew needing a toilet was a
great missionary finding method!

I had to play piano in church....for those of you who really know me
know that I don't play piano or I don't play that was
fun....hahahaha oh and the bus driver let us both on the bus for just
a pound....because we were pitiful and were running late home.

Anywho! I am so grateful for this mission experience! We have a friend
named Jane who is preparing for baptism this Saturday so keep her in
your prayers!!

I love being a missionary! I love sharing what makes me happiest with
others. I truly have found myself whilst being a missionary! I love
this work! I love being alive!

Have a wonderful week! Keep workin hard and being happy! Live after
the manner of happiness and pray before you choose!! Love you all!!

Sister Cummins

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



It is me!! Once again! On a beautiful rainy day here in Preston,
England! Don't worry, I will not go on a tangent about serving in my
mum's home town once again...but I will say that it brings me heaps of
joy!!! OH BABY do I love it!!!

This week has been full of tips and turns and excitement and joy and
boy has it been wonderful!!!

So this week I got to go to my second Mission Leadership Conference!!!
Boy oh boy was it enlightening and inspiring! We found out that in the
month of June we were able to help 35 beautiful souls to follow Jesus
Christ's example! We were the top baptising mission in Europe!p for
the month of July! That doesn't really matter but it was just really
exciting to hear! It shows that Heavenly Father is strengthening His
army and preparing us to have greater strength and allowing us to see
many mighty miracles!! At this meeting I learned a lot about gathering
light and how to do so! We gather light by praying for experience that
will give us greater understanding and joy! We gather light by praying
for charity! We gather light by serving and loving all those whom we
come in contact with! We gather light by following Heavenly Father's
example and heeding to His word! We gather light by speaking with Him
and reading His word! He loves us!! He truly loves us!! It is amazing
to me how much He cares about us!

This week our friend Sophie decided that she would not be baptised
this Saturday. It was heart wrenching BUT the best part is that I know
she will do it when God has planned for her! So often I get so focused
on the path that I see when in reality God knows when is best. God has
a plan for all of us! If something goes awry in our eyes He is sitting
there thinking, "oh stop worrying, everything will be alright." My
testimony really grew in this this week. I cannot see the full
picture. I can't see every person or path that contributes to mine or
the people's around me. As I trust in Heavenly Father, that He can do
all things, and that the things He has set out will bring the greatest
happiness for everyone I will be able to accomplish anything! This
life is all about learning to trust our loving and gracious Heavenly
Father and following His plan!

I am so grateful for the light that I am collecting and for the
experiences I am having! I truly love being a missionary! I love
teaching people and being taught! I love learning, stretching,
growing, and I love being able to come closer to my Heavenly Father!
Do you?!? If you do then....DO SOMETHING CRAZY THIS WEEK! Ask someone
to go to church, invite yourself to church, read the scriptures, say
your prayers, and just live after the manner of happiness! Choose the
right! Who knows it might make you smile!!! I love you people!! I hope
you know it!!

Go out and gain some light in your life!

Can't wait to meet you all next week with an increase of sunshine in
mine and your souls!!

Sister Cummins

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

transfers and emergencies

OH BABY! What a week has it been! It is good to be back at this weekly email grind! How I got here I'm not really sure but BOOM here we are!

So, sorry for not emailing last week...I WAS IN BLACKPOOL and well.....thats my excuse! There was a neat airshow going on at Pleasure Beach in Blackpool not too far from where my mum used to live! You are all probably sick of hearing that but...I CANT HELP IT! It blows me away every single time that I say it! I am serving where my mum found the church! anyways! This week has been a blast! last week we got to take a train ride up to Blackpool and play football on some tiny plot of grass by the beach. I kicked Elder Thorpes brand new balls up on top of a building...ha..haha...ha...he wasn't too pleased. But don't worry we scaled the building and victoriously found it! HUZZAH! 

So this week I got to go on exchange with the one....the ONLY SISTER WANG!!! She is from Taiwan who then moved to Canada and is now here in the UK! Oh boy, you better believe we had a phenomenal time! She is such a meek, calm person yet fiery like a lion....minus the lion and add in a lamb and BOOM that is the perfect description! She is a wonderful woman! We met this miracle woman named Sheila on the bus! We didn't think much of anything would come from Sheila but the next day we called by her and she invited us to come in and we had the most spiritual first lesson of my life! Then we met up with our friend Laurie! The lesson is going really well and then....she looks at us a little funny, says her chest is really hurting, gets light headed and falls back....uhhhhhhh what? SO she tells us we better not call 999(the emergency number here). "I will NOT go to the hospital! Ace Gurl (That's what she calls me)...don't do it" and after a moment of doubt...I....DID IT! Can't stop me! It was pretty scary and she did not look so good but just so you all aren't terrified she is fine! She made breakfast for her whole family the other day so she is doing well! :D

Today is transfers and I am staying in the wonderful land of Preston and Sister Barlow is staying with me!! YIPEE!! We are excited! Our friend Sophie is getting baptised THIS Saturday and her boyfriend, Mike, will be following her footsteps in just a week! We are FLOORED! To the moon! It should be pretty wonderful and we are excited to see them make such wonderful commitment with their loving Father!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for reading my updates and what not, it is appreciated! I can feel the love and the prayers that you send my way! 

I love this gospel! I know that this church is Heavenly Father's church restored to the earth! I just do! I know it because I have asked God! I know that if we have a sincere question and we ask our loving father in heaven that he will give us the answers that we need! He hears our prayers! he wants to help! He is waiting with His arms wide open! This week I challenge each of you to pray! Don't say any set prayer but tell your loving Father the things that you truly feel. Go into a quiet room and start off by addressing your Heavenly Father. Thank Him for the things you are glad to have, ask Him for the things that you need whether they be physically, spiritually, or emotionally, or questions you have, and close in the name of Jesus Christ! I know that if you do this and you ask Him those things you truly desire to know that He will give it to you. He loves you! Prayer is when we get to align our will with God's! What a privilege it is! 

Have a wonderful week and expect miracles!

Sister Cummins

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

the berry bush

Hi! Hiya! Hello!
HELLO PEOPLE OF EVERYWHERE! Yes, I realise I start every email like this but I just cannot help it!! I AM SO EXCITED TO BE ALIVE!! is that so wrong?! I think not!
So you might be wondering about my there is nothing truly exciting about this berry bush BUT WE FOUND ONE! And it produces really delicious berries RIGHT behind our flat! I was pretty excited about it at the time and you know what...I STILL AM! Who knows maybe we will meet someone at this berry bush who is super prepared and wants to be baptised....THEN that'll be a pretty remarkable berry bush...good thing we know where it is! :D It produces blackberries and boy oh boy do I love it. Sister Barlow wont touch it but she always shows me where the good ones are! Shes got a berry-licious eye!(; hehe...not amused? Oh well, I tried(:
ANYWHO! This week has been TOP NOTCH! I forgot to email about this last week but I went on my first companion exchange as a Sister Training Leader and boy oh boy was it a jolly good delight! People! It has been SO warm and then the one day I go stay overnight in Lancaster without a jacket it decides to rain! HA! It was seriously hilarious! here I am walking around in my flats, no jacket or tights, with this dorky smile on my face. Priceless. The greatest part of the exchange was that we met an amazing girl named Aurora right at the very end who loves learning about religion and really wanted to know more and she said if she knew what we taught about was true that she would follow Christ's example and be baptised! MIRACLES HAPPEN ON EXCHANGE! and ALWAYS! :D
SO this week has been fantastic! Preston gets better and better with EVERY passing day! Sister Barlow is a proper nutter like myself so we just have a party! Yesterday we were role playing and I decided to hide from her and be a creepy bird was pretty fantastic...I sound like a complete weirdo as I type this out but I'm okay with it.... :D
As we were talking to people on our way home yesterday we saw this girl across the street and I felt like we needed to talk to her so I accidentally ditched Sister Barlow, crossed the street without looking, and almost got ran over by a car! Don't worry mom! I'm okay! It was exhilarating! Sister Barlow is staring at me baffled and this girl, Jade, was having a really hard day! We got to comfort her in her time of sadness! HOW AMAZING IS THAT! She accepted us to come back and talk to her more! It was amazing! I am so excited to go visit her! So the moral is....if you feel like you should do something...JUST DO IT! Miracles will happen!
Our friend, Laurie, cannot read the Book of Mormon's tiny print for the life of her and we FINALLY got her a HUGE Book of Mormon so she can now read! She is planning on being baptised on August 13th! We are SO SO SO excited for her and now she can partake of the amazing words of the prophets of long ago and really find out for herself if Jesus Christ restored His church to the earth today! How brilliant is that!! Oh I will keep you all up to date with her!
We have been trying to visit this friend named Jane who was taught by missionaries before us for a while but could never get her to really be interested but this week some really hard things happened for her and we were the first people she rang! She was feeling so sad and she said that she just really needed a friend! So we ran down to Longridge as fast as we possibly could and we got to teach her about heavenly Father's immense love for her and His plan! She is SO excited to learn more that she wants to meet with us about 3-4 more times this week!
Whilst being a missionary I have had some amazing(both good and bad) experiences that have changed me. It is my prayer that throughout this next year that I transform completely into a woman who God can trust to accomplish anything he puts in front of me. I am learning taht we are not just mere human beings but that we are SPIRITUAL beings having an earthly, human experience. We need this experience to truly learn and grow but we don't have to go through it alone! in fact, God doesnt want us to! He gives us commandments as well as Jesus Christ's example so that we can see how we can have the greatest, most long-lasting happiness! I have seen how obedience brings so much joy and that I truly get answers from heavenly father as I pray and listen. He wants to direct us and give us the strength that we need! All we have to do is open ourselves up and try it out! I really want to challenge each of you to say a prayer for guidance this week. Just ask God what you should change or what you should do next! Ask Him what you should major in, who you should talk to or any question that is on your mind and before you say Amen I want you to sit and listen. I want you to truly listen to the thoughts and feelings you have! I know that if we believe he can, that He will answer us! James 5:1 tells us that if we lack wisdom then we can ask God and if we trust Him and will act on His words then he WILL tell us! What an incredible promise that is!
I love you all so much! I love my Heavenly Father and I know that He loves ALL of us individually ENDLESSLY! It is my prayer that you will feel His love in your life!
Have a wonderful week and do something crazy! Get out of your comfort zone! There is no comfort in the growth zone and there is no growth in the comfort zone! I love all of you crazy people LOADS!
XOXOSister Cummins