Tuesday, August 16, 2016

transfers and emergencies

OH BABY! What a week has it been! It is good to be back at this weekly email grind! How I got here I'm not really sure but BOOM here we are!

So, sorry for not emailing last week...I WAS IN BLACKPOOL and well.....thats my excuse! There was a neat airshow going on at Pleasure Beach in Blackpool not too far from where my mum used to live! You are all probably sick of hearing that but...I CANT HELP IT! It blows me away every single time that I say it! I am serving where my mum found the church! Okay....okay...so anyways! This week has been a blast! last week we got to take a train ride up to Blackpool and play football on some tiny plot of grass by the beach. I kicked Elder Thorpes brand new balls up on top of a building...ha..haha...ha...he wasn't too pleased. But don't worry we scaled the building and victoriously found it! HUZZAH! 

So this week I got to go on exchange with the one....the ONLY SISTER WANG!!! She is from Taiwan who then moved to Canada and is now here in the UK! Oh boy, you better believe we had a phenomenal time! She is such a meek, calm person yet fiery like a lion....minus the lion and add in a lamb and BOOM that is the perfect description! She is a wonderful woman! We met this miracle woman named Sheila on the bus! We didn't think much of anything would come from Sheila but the next day we called by her and she invited us to come in and we had the most spiritual first lesson of my life! Then we met up with our friend Laurie! The lesson is going really well and then....she looks at us a little funny, says her chest is really hurting, gets light headed and falls back....uhhhhhhh what? SO she tells us we better not call 999(the emergency number here). "I will NOT go to the hospital! Ace Gurl (That's what she calls me)...don't do it" and after a moment of doubt...I....DID IT! Can't stop me! It was pretty scary and she did not look so good but just so you all aren't terrified she is fine! She made breakfast for her whole family the other day so she is doing well! :D

Today is transfers and I am staying in the wonderful land of Preston and Sister Barlow is staying with me!! YIPEE!! We are excited! Our friend Sophie is getting baptised THIS Saturday and her boyfriend, Mike, will be following her footsteps in just a week! We are FLOORED! To the moon! It should be pretty wonderful and we are excited to see them make such wonderful commitment with their loving Father!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for reading my updates and what not, it is appreciated! I can feel the love and the prayers that you send my way! 

I love this gospel! I know that this church is Heavenly Father's church restored to the earth! I just do! I know it because I have asked God! I know that if we have a sincere question and we ask our loving father in heaven that he will give us the answers that we need! He hears our prayers! he wants to help! He is waiting with His arms wide open! This week I challenge each of you to pray! Don't say any set prayer but tell your loving Father the things that you truly feel. Go into a quiet room and start off by addressing your Heavenly Father. Thank Him for the things you are glad to have, ask Him for the things that you need whether they be physically, spiritually, or emotionally, or questions you have, and close in the name of Jesus Christ! I know that if you do this and you ask Him those things you truly desire to know that He will give it to you. He loves you! Prayer is when we get to align our will with God's! What a privilege it is! 

Have a wonderful week and expect miracles!

Sister Cummins

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