Wednesday, August 24, 2016



It is me!! Once again! On a beautiful rainy day here in Preston,
England! Don't worry, I will not go on a tangent about serving in my
mum's home town once again...but I will say that it brings me heaps of
joy!!! OH BABY do I love it!!!

This week has been full of tips and turns and excitement and joy and
boy has it been wonderful!!!

So this week I got to go to my second Mission Leadership Conference!!!
Boy oh boy was it enlightening and inspiring! We found out that in the
month of June we were able to help 35 beautiful souls to follow Jesus
Christ's example! We were the top baptising mission in Europe!p for
the month of July! That doesn't really matter but it was just really
exciting to hear! It shows that Heavenly Father is strengthening His
army and preparing us to have greater strength and allowing us to see
many mighty miracles!! At this meeting I learned a lot about gathering
light and how to do so! We gather light by praying for experience that
will give us greater understanding and joy! We gather light by praying
for charity! We gather light by serving and loving all those whom we
come in contact with! We gather light by following Heavenly Father's
example and heeding to His word! We gather light by speaking with Him
and reading His word! He loves us!! He truly loves us!! It is amazing
to me how much He cares about us!

This week our friend Sophie decided that she would not be baptised
this Saturday. It was heart wrenching BUT the best part is that I know
she will do it when God has planned for her! So often I get so focused
on the path that I see when in reality God knows when is best. God has
a plan for all of us! If something goes awry in our eyes He is sitting
there thinking, "oh stop worrying, everything will be alright." My
testimony really grew in this this week. I cannot see the full
picture. I can't see every person or path that contributes to mine or
the people's around me. As I trust in Heavenly Father, that He can do
all things, and that the things He has set out will bring the greatest
happiness for everyone I will be able to accomplish anything! This
life is all about learning to trust our loving and gracious Heavenly
Father and following His plan!

I am so grateful for the light that I am collecting and for the
experiences I am having! I truly love being a missionary! I love
teaching people and being taught! I love learning, stretching,
growing, and I love being able to come closer to my Heavenly Father!
Do you?!? If you do then....DO SOMETHING CRAZY THIS WEEK! Ask someone
to go to church, invite yourself to church, read the scriptures, say
your prayers, and just live after the manner of happiness! Choose the
right! Who knows it might make you smile!!! I love you people!! I hope
you know it!!

Go out and gain some light in your life!

Can't wait to meet you all next week with an increase of sunshine in
mine and your souls!!

Sister Cummins

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