Monday, August 29, 2016

birds, bread, and boys

Hello the people of the world!! There are people from all over the
world reading this email right now! Well maybe that is a little
presumptuous....let me try again. There are people from all over the
world receiving my email right now! How crazy is that! This email is
being sent to Trinidad, Denmark, England, and America! That is pretty

This week has been one amazing week!! But aren't they all in reality??

This week has been a whirlwind of wonderful! I felt so very inspired
by many things President Ulrich told us in our last weekly letter!
promise blessings, and get a return appointment!! That has changed my
mission and life!!! This week we saw SO many miracles because we put
this into action immediately! I think the best part is sharing a
promised blessing! That takes a conversation to an entire new level of
spiritual and it has helped us to find a lot of new friends!

and Du!!! IT WAS THE BEST EXCHANGE OF MY LIFE! Sister Du came into
Preston with me and it was the best exchange I have ever experienced!
Right when we got going the first person we met, Rosy, was really
interested! We shared a Book of Mormon and she invited us for
tea(dinner) at her new house! Then we walked two steps and met a step
son of a member of South Ribble Ward and he was really interested as
well! We got to go see a recently baptised friend, Pritti, who is
doing really well, and it was just full of excitement! Sister Du's
love for the work shines and she truly desires to speak and edifying
eve one she comes in contact with!

Something I've realised whilst being on a mission is that when we do
kind acts for praise or to receive in return our hearts get harder and
easily angered but when we serve because we truly love others and want
to build them THAT is when we feel the most peace and happiness enter
into our hearts and lives!

This week I really felt the Lord teaching me that when people feel the
love of Christ, that is when they become converted. I realised
recently that I need to implement this more in my teaching. I asked
myself, "Am I always seeking the spirit?" "Am I relying on the arm of
flesh or the arm of my Saviour?" And that has been my real
motivation/theme for this week. When I felt tired on the bus or like I
had talked to enough people, I decided to talk to just one more person
and push my limits. I'm a forever finder of FOREVER FRIENDS! These
aren't just people! These are spiritual beings whom I made promises
with that I would come and help!! As I've done this I have learnt SO
much! I have been striving to focus on not what I think, but what the
Lord thinks! What is the Lord telling me? Because in reality what I
think really doesn't matter and I feel on fire!

This week was full of funny! You are probably wondering about my
caption...and if you weren't before, now you are looking at my
caption....BIRDS, BREAD, AND BOYS! So, this week we were in Blackpool!
We were meeting lots of people and I was talking to this lovely woman
when all of a sudden I feel something hitting my legs. At first I just
ignore it but I continually have little weird feelings on my legs. I
look down and this boy was throwing bread at my legs and the birds
were attacking me! Ha! It was too funny!!! #experienceofalifetime The
weirdest things happen to you as a this week Sister
Barlow really needed a restroom, every house denied us access except
for a lovely couple, Barrel and Richard! They were lovely and we got
to have a great discussion with them! Who knew needing a toilet was a
great missionary finding method!

I had to play piano in church....for those of you who really know me
know that I don't play piano or I don't play that was
fun....hahahaha oh and the bus driver let us both on the bus for just
a pound....because we were pitiful and were running late home.

Anywho! I am so grateful for this mission experience! We have a friend
named Jane who is preparing for baptism this Saturday so keep her in
your prayers!!

I love being a missionary! I love sharing what makes me happiest with
others. I truly have found myself whilst being a missionary! I love
this work! I love being alive!

Have a wonderful week! Keep workin hard and being happy! Live after
the manner of happiness and pray before you choose!! Love you all!!

Sister Cummins

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