Monday, March 7, 2016

the red flusher

Hello world!

It is that time of the week again and I have arrived!!!!!

Oh man oh man oh man!! In the words of one of the elders here in my area, "this week was TOPS" 

I am so grateful for this wonderful mission!!! As I have remembered who I have trusted and made a conscious effort to fear no man, I have been able to see miracles happen! This week Sister Reimert and I were tracting and this man opened the door. He was quite cynical and said, "why do you people keep knocking and bothering me!?" Sister Reimert told him we hope that he would have a wonderful day and he scoffed at us so before he shut he door I asked him what was on his mind. He replied by saying, "You don't care about me at all" and slammed the door closed. As we moved on to the next house I had a strong feeling that we needed to go back and knock again. A little frightened, we made our way back to his house and knocked again. He opened his window and he opened angrily after which I replied by telling him that we just wanted him to know that we really did care about him and we do hope he has a wonderful day. After that he came out and gave us this poetry book and his whole entire demeanour changed and we had a great conversation with him and he really opened up!

Funny story of the week:
So we called by(stopped by) a woman from our church who lives in a nursing home because I really needed to use the restroom and we all know how that goes if I hold it too long.... So we go here and she's not home. In the lobby though, there is a restroom we can use so we run in there and I look in this stall and see this long red string! I am beyond excited to pull the string so I run in here, do what's necessary and with a huge grin on my face pull it! To my dismay, no flushing occurred...instead the alarm starts sounding off super loud because apparently it's for people who have hurt themselves or fallen down....then a lady jumps on the intercom and asks me if I'm okay as I try to tell them hat I thought it would make it flush. One big scene later, we leave the nursing home hopefully to not return for a very long time...

Other than that, we hiked this hill today! The Wrekin!! Pics to come! And then the sun was out and gorgeous and oh my lanta I could see Wales!! It was incredible!! 

I love you all so dearly! 

I suppose if you get nothing else from this email, just laugh at yourself and don't take life too seriously oh and just let people know that you love them!!! You are all strong, amazing individuals! Let your light so shine before men!!!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: so it takes about two weeks to get mail here in England, SO if you would please just send letters and packages to the mission office for the rest of until I get off my mission, that'd be fantastic because there is such a good chance that I will end up getting a letter and I will have left that area, so it's just safer.

Sister Cummins
England Manchester Mission
Spring Wood Suite G5
Booths Park
WA16 8GS


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