Monday, April 4, 2016

England is the bomb!

How is it already my 11th week?!? How is that possible?!?! It feels
like just yesterday I was walking in to the airport and waving goodbye
to my parents...TIME FLIES!! And it makes me sad...I love it here!!
Don't get me wrong, I miss all of you beautiful people like crazy but
I only get a year and a half in this amazing land!!  England is full
of adventure and JOY!!☀️☀️ you all need to come out here and take a
tour! You'll fall in love!!

This week has been full of miracles and goodness! I love the people of
England! They are so nice! They're like an onion! At first their
outsides seem like they're not very happy or kind but then you say
hello and you peel that first layer back and they are shocked that
your talking to them and then they open right up! As you show
continual interest in them and their lives and ask them questions,
whether it be about what they cherish most or what recent event in
their lives has been enlightening or heart breaking, I have been able
to peel back those layers. Some hold onto them a little bit stronger
than others but I have seen as Sister Reimert and I do not cease to
smile and take interest in others, those layers slowly but surely are
peeled back! I love the people of England! They truly are incredible
and so loving! Once they let you in, you are beloved to them and I am
so grateful for the home that I have found here in Wrekin, England!!

Yesterday, we got to here words from our beloved prophet and apostles
and it was amazing! I know that this church is the same organisation
that existed when Christ was here in the flesh!!  This is His church!!
We call this time when we gather to hear the words of the prophet
General Conference. It is so enlightening and full of answers! I
prayed to receive answers to specific questions I had and every single
question was answered in a very personal way!

The other day we decided we would pray every time we had to make a
decision on which direction we should walk down. As we did that one
man completely opened up to us, he is a member but he has been
struggling lately, and he bore his soul to us and he asked us to come
back! As we continued on we saw this man in a car! We ran up and gave
him a card and he told us that he loves to red about other religions
and he finds it so interesting. We were able to share a copy of the
Book of Mormon with him and have a really amazing discussion! This
really proved to me that the Lord is answering our prayers. He does
hear us and if we open ourselves up to Him, He will guide us in our
every action! I feel so lucky to see so many miracles every day and to
be doing the Lord's work!!

I don't have much else to share but I love you all so dearly!! Keep
working hard and doing an amazing job of being a child of God!! Keep
the strength and never forget how wonderful you are individually!!

LOADS of love,
Sister Cummins

(pictures of our flat)

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