Monday, April 25, 2016

there is sunshine in my soul everyday!

Hello my beautiful, wonderful, BRILLIANT family and friends! It has yet been another wonderful week in this beautiful land of England and there is sunshine in my soul today!! I cannot believe how much Heavenly Father loves and trusts's kind of crazy but I LOVE IT!

So this week Sister Cannon and I wrecked Wrekin one house at a time! Okay..not actually but spiritually we brought the POWA! :D  Today as I sit in this warm library, staring out the window at the misty clouds I just feel so much sunshine in my soul!! I cannot lie...I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! But I especially love being Sister Cannon's companion! Unfortunately, Sister Cannon and I get along way too well...there is giggling at all times of the day and we both will be attending BYU-Idaho after our obviously we are best friends. She is an amazing woman! She is quickly acclimating to the tolls and joys of missionary life and it is an amazing experience to watch someone grow so quickly and I love getting to continue to grow and be stretched at the rate I was when I first arrived!I have learned a ton this week! I have an issue of getting over excited when people talk to us SO I have been putting an earnest effort forth to talk less and give Sister Cannon many opportunities and she is taking them! When she speaks, the spirit of God overflows the room! She is such a powerful and diligent missionary! She works hard and she continues to grow and become more loving and aware of others every day! She is patient and charitable and I just am so grateful to rain her and to be trained by her! She teaches with the light of Christ everywhere that we go and she is just a super powerful missionary! I love her!!! Oh and Dad, you'll love this!! Her dad works for NCIS! So she obviously has secret ninja skills and she has lived In Mexico, Dubai, Egypt, Ecuador, Florida, Maryland, and now Georgia!! What more could a woman ask for!?! 

 This week on the bus, someone told us that Telford is the highest ratio of atheists in England and then our bus driver stopped the bus in order to confirm that claim! Ha! Right away I thought, "Not for long, challenge accepted! MUAHAHAHA" I feel privileged to be trusted with such a high ratio of atheists! It makes me even more excited to share my love for Heavenly Father and more importantly His love for them!! What a lucky woman I am! 

This week we had an incredible lesson with two really stand out investigators, Abi and Richard! As we taught Abi the Spirit was the strongest I have ever felt it. Heavenly Father really tailored the lesson in order to fit what she needed and I am just grateful I got to be the vessel to shar that message and enjoy that experience. During the lesson, the Spirit was SO stron so we told her that she felt the Spirit right now and she really could! She said, "I have always wanted to be Mormon because I love your church!" and then followed with, "I really want Joseph Smith's story to be true...I just need to pray about it"! LIKE WHAT!?! How amazing is that! Can you say prepared because I sure can! As for Richard, he is just stellar! We met him on the side of the road about a week ago and then we had our first lesson the other day and to start off the conversation he said, "I don't understand why Christ would want His church to be scattered into a bunch of different churches, shouldn't there just be one true one?" Yes, jaws were dropped and answers were given! It was madness! As we answered his questions and then invited him to be baptized he said, "Most definitely!" but he didn't feel ready to set a date but don't worry, I have complete faith that he will be baptized! :D

Since being on my mission I have developed an intense love for exact obedience and I know that exact obedience is the way that we see miracles happen in our lives and especially in our missions! I pray for continued and stronger obedience! I challenge each of you this week to work on your obedience! Whether it be to our loving Heavenly Father, your spouse and other family, or to your coworkers/friends just try to humble yourselves, serve them, and be obedient to the things they ask. Im not saying be their slave and worship their feet, Im just asking you to try an be selfless! I promise that is you put the needs of others before your own you will see your problems or trials diminish and your life will get easier and as Heavenly Father sees your desire to help his other children He will provide a way for your trials and hardships to be taken care of! I know that is true because I have seen it happen in my life and in the lives of those whom I serve everyday!  

I have never learned so much in my life! It is absolute madness! I love this life!..and I secretly never want to go home! Good thing I have at least 15 more blessed months here in this beautiful country...who knows, maybe I'll extend(; Thank you all for all you do each and every single day! Thank you for helping me and encouraging me with all of your prayers and emails! I can feel the love people! Keep it coming! 

I love you LOADS!

Sister Cummins

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