Monday, January 2, 2017

happy new year!

Well everyone!

I've got three here is the low down.

It was Daddio's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!

Now it is 2017!! Yahoo! Now that I have declared the obvious I want to
tell you all something exciting!

I have been praying D praying and praying to know what my goals should
be for this coming year! I didn't know...until this morning when
Heavenly Father answered my prayer!!

I was praying and felt prompted to read this random talk I hadn't
looked at....ever. As I read I bought really? This is it? But then as
I read my heart was filled with so much joy because the last paragraph
was exactly what I needed! It said, "Lose all desire to do evil" and
that is my goal! I want to lose my desire for evil so that I can
become more like my Saviour and return to him and my Father in Heaven
someday! Maybe it's cheesy...I do not care though! It was inspired and
an answer to my prayers! He is there!

3 minutes is up!! There have been many miracles this week! I wish I
could share more!!

sister a Cummins

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