Monday, January 9, 2017

it's january 9th!

No, I have no reason why January 9th is so fantastic other than the

fact that it is just wonderful to be alive!! Seriously!! I am so
grateful that I am here in good ol, jolly England!! His week has been
a week of miracles!!

So as we were tracking this week, this one woman called through the
door, "Come in!!" We were totally shocked and surprised. She opened
the door and she was moving house! So we helped! Her friend, Lisa,
then came and started helping. It was the second time Lisa had come
over in 3 years to her friend, Lucy's! As we talked we found out that
Lisa was more interested in our message. She felt like she was just
existing and she has lost hope for a lot of different reasons. As we
met with her and shared more with her, she had the greatest desire to
be baptised!! She is dated for the 21st of December but Satan is
working hard! So we are praying hard for her. We also are praying hard
for our friend Bernard. His daughter, Mary Rose was just baptised and
he will be this weekend too! He has overcome many rials and set backs
and has learned to repent. It is amazing.

I love being able to learn. I love being able to watch other people
accept the full gospel of Jesus Christ and see their lives change! We
had a vision Meeting this week to set the vision for our mission and
we are striving to change our nature! We are so excited for this new
year! It will be a year of many miracles!

I know who I am. I know I am a daughter of God. Our story goes on.
This is just a part of our eternity. There is so much more. Gods plan
is eternal. He lives. He loves us. Jesus Christ is our Saviour. I say
this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Love you loads!!

Sister Cummins

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