Tuesday, January 17, 2017

object lessons

Well...yet again I have zero time...I am sorry! Missionary life is so busy! It is so good and Manchester is full of prepared people! Our friend bernard is getting baptised THIS week...he had to move it back but he is accomplishing it and we had two friends at church with us yesterday! I LOVE SHARING THE GOSPEL and I found a new way to do it....OBJECT LESSONS! I have started relating the teachings of Christ to different objects on people's clothing and it works so well!

Some of the analogies I used were:
-man sitting on a bench eating: "wow, that looks so tasty and filling! Just as that is filling your physical body with energy, our spiritual body needs strength and energy as well. As you feast upon the words of Christ, *holds up Book of Mormon*, I know that you will feel the love that our Father in Heaven has for you and you will have more joy in every aspect of your life."
-In a lesson with someone with glasses: "just as your glasses help you see the world more clearly, the Book of Mormon can be our spiritual glasses that help us see who we are more clearly"
-Tracting someone's door: "Well Adam, do you ever use hair gel?" "Yes..." "Why?" "Because my wife doesn't like my hair flying around" "Just as hair gel keeps has a strong hold and keeps our hair calm when the wind blows, the Book of Mormon gives us a strong hold in life when the different winds of life hit and try to blow us down."

It is so fun and makes people laugh! SO HAVE FUN! Make fun jokes! Share truths that are eternal and see miracles happen.

PS: CRUMPETS ARE THE BEST! Oh and American sweets have nothing on the Brits.....I think Im being converted.....I LOVE ENGLAND!!

Sister Cummins


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