Tuesday, December 6, 2016

catch up!

Alrighty everybody! The other day, I was pondering and realised my
emails have been lame. I haven't told you half of my funny stories
here in Preston and I apologise for that!

Please forgive me!!

So here is a little catch up starting from this past week:
We got the worlds largest missionary Christmas tree from the best mum
to ever exist: Denise Cummins!! (Pictures to come)
As we were getting the Christmas lights she sent us for the tree, the
mail man tried posting them through the door and Sister Bellersen was
on the other side trying to pull it through helping him...I think it
was funnier when it happened but we were in such a funny mood that we
both peed our pants. I have a very poor blotter because within the
past 4 weeks I have peed my pants like 3 times. Hat probably isn't the
most dignified story to share but Sister Bellersen and I just have too
much fun together. In fact the other week we were at the library
waiting for one of our friends to come and I really don't even
remember what happened but she just had to go say something funny and
I had to spend the rest of our night running around with...well....you
get the picture. It was exciting! We even went to visit the stake
president and his family later that night! That was fun.

I actually don't remember the order of these things but one man almost
whacked me over the head with a cane. It was late, they hadn't opened
the door, we left, they then opened, we ran back, and BOP! Almost
dead! Just kidding mum, I was fine! Don't worry! He was a really nice
man though!

Last week when we went to get grocery we found a bag that older people
in this country use to get grocery, with wheels, with us to Aldi.
Along the way home, both of our wheels broke. That may sound sad but
it was actually so so so funny! Everyone along the way was laughing
pretty hard at us as we hobbled on to each bus and ran down the hill

All of the bus drivers in this area have become our best friends. They
stop for us along the side of the road if we are lost. They always
wave at us and are a smiling face along the way! It is the BEST!

Also, we have two German friends that we are teaching! I have never
met a person who speaks German before in my mission and now that we
have Sister Bellersen we are finding all of the German speakers!! It
is pretty wonderful!

I love this place. I love all the experiences we get to have as
missionaries. We put up with and handle some pretty crazy, gross, or
weird things but I love it! I love that we learn every day and that I
get to consecrate my time to my Saviour! I know he lives! I know he
loves us dearly and hears our prayers!!

PRAY! Do it!

Have a great week and fear no man! Be bold and go crazy!(in a good
way!) Do something you feel inspired to do!!

Love you all!!

SISTER Cummins

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