Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello world!!

Hello world!! 
Oh boy oh boy oh boy am I excited to get to write you all about how wonderful this week has been!! 
Can you believe I have been gone for a month! OH BABY! 
So, the other day the grocery man came and delivered our shopping and I invited him to be baptized and tried to give him a BoM which he respectfully declined because he, "cant accept gifts when on the job"! I was like, "this may seem crazy but do you believe in Jesus Christ?" yada yada yada, a few words later and BOOM, "would you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized under the proper authority of God?" KABOOM! Seed planted! And Huston we didnt have a problem! Okay we did because he said no but HEY we tried! I have found that every missionary have there starting issues. Most new missionaries don't know what to say or wont talk....for me I talk to much! Shocker, I know! So I am trying to be better at switching off and being less of a bulldozer when teaching lessons and relying more on the Spirit to help me to know what to say and when to say it and it is working like a charm! Who woulda thought! I just get so excited and then I just cant stop myself! BUT I SHALL! It shall be done!

So the weather here in good ol' Wrekin is crazy. The other day it was beautiful and sunny...then it started hailing...and then 20 minutes later it was beautiful and sunny what the what?!? It is insanity how quickly it changes here! But, I got to break out the spring coat and look too fly for a white guy the other day and that was too exciting!! 

My favorite food here? Biscuits. Biscuits are cookies, but the British like to call them biscuits. There are these specific ones, they call digestive biscuits which is ironic because they are TERRIBLE for you so they really should be called back you up biscuits or digestive destroyers, but they are TASTY! And they are like graham crackers but round and have chocolate on the bottom and they are HEAVENLY people! Im telling you I could eat hundreds of those secret killers! 

Oh and the other day we stopped by a less-active, Diane Wyatt, and right when she opened the door she started crying...and we look at each other like uh oh...what did we do... Apparently she had been praying for help from God and then a few days later here we come all giddy and weird, knocking on her door! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! Im telling you! She has been dealing with some really hard stuff but we are working out a way to get here to come back to church and she is too excited!! Oh and one less active, Anne Marie came to church with her daughter last week and she came this week and it was AMAZING! She is so sweet and she knows what is right and works towards being better everyday! 

The other night the bishop invited us for dinner and his kids are like my bffs. For real they are the best. Their family is laid out the same way as mine with an older brother, then two sisters, another boy, and the youngest is a daughter so we get along too well...and yes it really is too well because all I want to do is stay and talk about "the office" and other worldly things with them but we hop on out because we have people to teach!!! Anywho, Celeste, 6, takes me back to the trampoline and as Im about ready to jump my little heart out and do some mad back flips my trainer kindly destroys my dreams because apparently its undignified to jump on a trampoline as a a skirt...who woulda thought!?(; I have found out that in the eyes of missionary work my natural actions are quite undignified...Sister Reimert has lots of fun with me...hehehehehe

I am just loving it out here in Wrekin! The other day I taught my first spur of the moment Sunday School class and KILLED it! Well the Spirit killed it...I was merely just a tool but NONEtheless it was killed!! It is seriously amazing out here and my testimony grows each and every single passing day!

Something that really impressed me is that when we are baptized we promise that we will comfort those that stand in need of comfort, that we will bear one another's burdens, that we will mourn with those that mourn, and stand as representatives of God, always! We each have little imaginary name badges with the Saviors name across it! Be a light unto this world and do not be afraid to share the joy that Christ and His teachings bring into our lives! For those of you reading who are not Mormon, take a chance and ask the missionaries in town to come by and talk to you a little bit more about what we believe and how it can improve your quality of living! I promise that it will. I know that this church is true! I know that Jesus Christ has restored His original gospel and teachings on the earth TODAY through a living prophet! I promise you this! So find out for yourselves and for those of you who already have the truth, SHARE IT! Just do it! Because it is beautiful and we are all brothers and sisters! So get up off of that thang and go bring joy to the world!

I love each of you so much! Thank you for being such wonderful, strong examples to me! Thank you for making my life so blissful and for all the love and support you give! 

Stay happy.
Be fresh.

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

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