Monday, February 15, 2016

Miracles and Accidents

Hello! Hello! Hello! It is that time of the week again and I am hear and ready to fill you full of weird stories! And trust, this week was full of em!
First of all Sister Reimert meows SO good...sooo good that when we are walking she gets cats to follow us for blocks on blocks on blocks! Im telling you...CAT WHISPERER!
Anywho! I had my first Zone Meeting this week, which is where about 30 missionaries from close by areas get together and uplift each other! It was so fantastic and I just really learned that I need to completely focus on this time and give myself fully to Christ because I am only here for 17 more months! Theres not enough time! Its so wonderful yet sad yet FANTASTIC! I love it!
So when I say miracles I mean miracles!
This one 13 year old, Patrick, whos father is an atheist and he is following in his footsteps sat down and asked us all these questions he thought would stump us. Typically we wouldn't engage with people who don't want to listen and are just trying to prove us wrong but as we listened and answered questions he thought were "unanswerable" he listened and was calm and basically in the end I tried to pinky promise him that if he would hear our lessons we would answer the rest of his questions...but he doesn't do pinky promises so I had to punch promise yes I punched a 13 year old...but its okay because the mom, who is a member, was okay with it! Bahahah! Then he came to church on Sunday! BOOM! Miracle!
Secondly, DANNII IS BAPTIZED! I am so excited and grateful for her! I got to play a piece on the violin for it! It was such a privilege to contribute in that way! We had a really incredible experience with her last night! We were getting ready for bed and I was reflecting on my day, writing in my journal and I just felt like I should text her. At first it felt like it was too late but I just really felt like we should so as we started texting her it didn't feel like enough. So we called her! And she really needed it! She was feeling so low and kind of worried that she had made a bad decision but as we chatted with her and read a few scriptures with her(Alma 26:12, 27) She just felt so much better and that was such a miracle!! I have been struggling to know whether I am following the Holy Ghost or my own thoughts and I know that that decision/idea was not me!
Sister Reimert used the gift of tongues last night as we struggled to understand this sweet Portuguese woman, Maria. She was able to understand her and now we will go back on Thursday to help her learn English better! What a privilege it is to be a missionary! To be able to help people understand Christ's love for them as I try to more fully comprehend it myself! I am so grateful for the principles that I am learning and for the joy and sorrow that I get to experience! I have learned that as I focus on the Lord's work and stop trying to prepare for my future, Heavenly Father will bless me more greatly and plan that future for me, and I'm sure He is thousands times better at it than I!  Sister Reimert is loving, forgiving, and such a fantastic woman! I love her! She teaches me every single day through her obedient example!
On the other hand..if you noticed my caption is Miracles AND accidents....
Soo yesterday. We were tracting (knockin on doors telling people about the good word!) and this man opens the door and says, "Im Catholic and the Book of Mormon is made up!!!" and he was SO made me laugh SO hard...luckily not in front of him but seriously it was too hilarious. So we go to the next door and it has a sign that says, "No traders allowed" and I look at Sister Reimert and say, "Well its a good thing Im not Judah"...buh dum Chhhhhhh! bahahahah! I was so amused with myself that I peed my pants on this persons door step. Like a full on peeing of my pants. It was hilarious! Luckily I have no shame and Im not easily embarrassed otherwise that  would've been a catastrophe. Sister Reimert didn't believe me until she saw a drop land on my foot and then she allowed us to go home. It was quite exciting...and cold. Im pretty sure my tights froze...ANYWAYS!
I love you all and hope you have the happiest of weeks! Strive to be better than you were yesterday and work hard!
Dare to be a Mormon! Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a purpose firm! Dare to make it known!
Sister Cummins
toilet=the toilet but its just so blows my mind. I said I need the restroom and they're like no you need the toilet...its like yes, but ew.

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