Monday, February 1, 2016

Can't Touch This

Cause I'm proud to be an American! Where at least I know I'm free!!
HELLO MY LOVELY AMERICANS! I cant sing anything other than church hymns over here and for those of you who know me well you realize that I constantly have some sort of something in this head of mine so that struggle is SO real! So I gave out my first Book of Mormon the other day and it was fantastic! I was on the bus going to the temple and I started talking to this man, Ahmad, and he was really nice and BOOM I was leaving and somehow I had managed to get him excited about the Book of Mormon! Okay...I didn't the Spirit did but I was the vessel so that was exciting!!!!!
I got to go to the temple this past week which was SO lovely! It was just so peaceful and we spent all day Tuesday there which was the best thing since sliced bread! The other day we went and did a street display in Wellington and I taught so many people and I just realized that  I don't care if these people think Im annoying or weird! I LOVE THEM and this is their salvation! So I just went crazy and spoke to a grip of people! Handed out some Books of Mormon(spreadin the good word!) and it is a blast! Sister Reimert and I went tracting(knocking on peoples doors) and just asked them what makes them happy and boy do people really trust us with a lot of information! Its fantastic and we got two new investigators that way!!! Ive heard so many life stories in this week and a half and I love it!!
The other day Sister Reimer asked me if I have ADHD and I just about died from laughter! Also, my blonde side is REALLY coming in I told my companion I didn't want to move our flat because "our flat is already so close to where we live".....hehehe oops. Oh the other day my bus pass went flying away so I used my mad goalie skills and dove for it like a boss! And guess what! I saved it...and I put on a brand new outfit in the process! #themudlife
Sooooo my companion meows to a boss.....she is the Cat Whisperer....THEY LOVE HER! We are still waiting to find out my super power but as soon as we know I will get right back to ya!
The best part about my days here is that Sister Reimert and I are ALWAYS singing! The other day we were walking in the pouring rain and we were singing There is Sunshine in My Soul(my fav hymn) and it was glorious! I LOVED every wet moment!!
This week we had lots of our investigators at church which was beyond exciting! They are progressing and doing so well! The people here in the Wrekin area are SO prepared and ready! They are so kid and a little odd and I am loving every fun moment here! The members here have a good laugh at me because I am so different from the English people but I love it! They tease me on the daily and I just relish in every moment of it!
This life is so good and it is all about how we look at it! We can either laugh through trials or cry and in the words of Marjorie Hinckley, "would much prefer to laugh because crying gives me a headache" I learned about her yesterday and she is my idol. I want to be her and I know that I can because that is my choice! Choose to be positive and laugh about the hard things. This life was meant to be enjoyed! So don't just endure but enjoy!
I love each of you so much and I miss you like madness but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Thank you for all the love and support and keep being wonderful and strong! Know that Christ truly understands how each of us feels! It may be mind blowing but it is the truth!
I want to let you all know that I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God! I know that we can have everlasting happiness as we follow the teachings of Christ and no Im not paid to say that!
Keep workin it!
Words of the Week:
Tea Apt= Dinner Apt
Dinner = Lunch (SO CONFUSING)
Call By = Stop By
Ring = Call
Niddle = A little
Posh = Rich
You alright = Hello(Ive learned they really don't care if Im alright...but I definitely still tell them every time!)
Pants = Underwear (There have been some unfortunate sentences with that one..., " I LOVE YOUR PANTS"....#awkward)
Cheeky = When you ask someone to do something in a joking way.....but you're serious( I do this way too often...but it works!)
Lift = ride
Much Love,
Sister Heather Shea Cummins
Letter Mailing Address: (email if you would like Heather's this letter mailing address. I, her sister, don't feel comfortable publishing it on this public blog.)
Package Mailing Address:
England Manchester Mission
Spring Wood Suite G5
Booths Park
WA16 8GS
PS: If you ever send me any packages make sure you put it as being worth less than 30 pound(£)(as in the currency here in England pounds(£) and not the weight kind of pounds) or else I will have a ridiculous charge that I wont be able to pay and will probably not get it...LOVE YOU ALL!

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