Monday, January 25, 2016

Wreakin' it in Wrekin

 ^^ the mission president and his wife

^^ sister cummins' trainer, sister reimart

^^ sister cummins' MTC district


I legit will never get sick of writing that! Except now I have added people from the other UK missions on here so that's awkward....ANYWAYS! Life is BLISSFUL! It has been almost two weeks since getting back to everyone but here is a little update. My MTC district was the BOMB! The BOMB! A district is made up of about 3-4 companionships and mine was the best! My companion Sister Du always told me I look like T-Swift soo that was always fun bahahaha but then she'd also say that I'm secretly Chinese because I wasn't too shabby when it came to pronouncing mandarin words! The hidden talents of Sister Cummins!! We had a bomb snowball fight at the MTC and I'm pretty sure Sister Carter and I wrecked all the other Elders! We were the dynamic duo!!
So now I am serving in an area called Wrekin (Ree-Kin) and I keep wanting to call it Wrekin like Wreck it Ralph...the struggle is too real! I also keep referring to myself as heather and I cannot stop saying guys...I've omitted cool and awesome pretty well but the guys is a real struggle! Someone said guys in a church video we watched and my whole zone (about 10 companionships) gasped and I was beyond confused....bahahahaha
Mom would be glad to know that I don't crack my knuckles as much because apparently its undignified and rude...but I still walk in the grass and try to jump over fences...#imundiginified #hashtagsareundignified #iamwhatiam Also, mom youd be pleased to know that I have been loving milk chocolate...and it feels so wrong yet tastes so right...England is changing me and I cant say no!!!
ALSO I cant sing other songs besides church songs because it detracts from the spirit and is that is fun..everytime I start singing my companion starts singing I am a child of God so my hymn I use is There is Sunshine In My Soul(My personal favorite)
I am in a really big rush so I will give you the basics! Wrekin is absolutely beautiful! its in the country and we do a TON of bus contacting and walking around! I went tracting the other day and did my first street display and while Im not the best at finding the words to represent what I specifically want to say I try my very best and I know that the rest will come with time and practice as I keep sticking my neck out...hopefully Id don't get chopped off like a turkey!
Something really fantastic is that this mission is where 8 prophets served including Gordon B Hinckley which just makes me SO happy!!!
We have two investigators dated for baptism. One was dated before I got here and the other was the second day I came! there names are Dannii and Shannon so please keep them in your prayers! They are so sweet and I love them so dearly! I am really just loving people so automatically because I see them for who they can become and who they are is just so interesting and fun to learn about! I love England! it is hard work but it is a marvelous work! I get to help Heavenly Father and for that I am grateful!
I am so grateful for all of the hard yet worth it work I am having to do! This is such a fantastic experience and I challenge each of you to either go to church or invite a friend to church! just do it! I have 5 minutes left so I've got to wrap this up! I love you all! Thank you for your love and devotion!
Love, Sister Heather Shea Cummins
PS: Mom and Dad! I am desperately missing my church back tickles! I love you so much!

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