Wednesday, January 13, 2016

across the pond


I can say that because Im not there! HOW CRAZY BRILLIANT IS THAT!?!?!?!? ID SAY EXTREMELY! OH BABY! I am so stoked to be emailing you guys I am literally shaking with's a little pathetic! 

I have arrived in good old England!!!! I am so excited to be here and more importantly on the Lords errand! So the keyboard has things all shifted around(except for the letters) so the struggle may be real with anything else....but I am doing my best! Its really not that hard IM just being a baby cause the shift key is tiny! 

I dont even know where to begin! Life at the Missionary Training Centre is crazy and proper! I am not supposed to say cool, awesome, or dude and for those of you close to me you know those are my fave words ever BUT I am rocking saying fantastic, superb, wonderful, magnificent, and my personal fave, SPLENDID! It is seriously beautiful and green and vulumptuous here and I absolutely am in love with it! My classroom overlooks this beautiful pond and in the distance is hills and houses(Pics to come). My companions(while on a mission we have other girls we are with 24/7) are Sister Carter and Sister Du. Sister Carter is from Michigan and she is just amazing. I want her to be my best friend forever but we really dont know each other too well yet. We have been so busy! She is just kind and aware and sill yet appropriate and I just love her! I just think the world of her! Then I have Sister Du and she is from CHINA! She is teaching me a little Madarin and I havent said anything offensive yet so thats fabulous! Missionary life is crazy and so wonderful! It is beyond worth it and I am coming to a better knowledge of our Saviour's love for each of us and our loving Heavenly Fathers Plan! It truly is a beautiful thing! I dont worry about myself or anything anymore I just have a complete focus on others and what I am learning and it is seriously such a cool thing! I love it! So a couple cool things is typically at other MTCs in the world is that they are huge and have lots of missionaries but I am one of 5 sisters here in England and there are only like 19 missionaries or so! The food is very normal! I think they are trying to keep us comfortable in our American ways but I am meeting all sorts of awesome people from all around the world! People from Ireland, Tahiti, Dubai, and just everywhere! ITS SO COOL! 

So I am driving on the other side of the road...well Im not....that would be a terror if I attempted that...and I am here! I started thinking in a British accent which was weird yet cool oh and I met a missionary going to Gilbert Arizona so Uncle Mike if you meet a british missionary named Elder Purchase, be good to him! he's such a gem! Everyone here is so nice and our teachers are wonderful! I have learned so much and I dont have enough space to write down everything. But a really cool experience I had the other day is that I was just having a stressful day the other day and there were a lot of things not going totally right and I felt like I couldnt handle it all and I couldnt remember my thoughts because there are so many of them, me being the stream of conscious thinker I am, and then we had a stress management lesson that night! Now you may call that a coincidence but I know that was Heavenly Father teaching me and helping me to become stronger and even though it was the hardest day, it was the absolute best day!!! He is so aware of each of us! Each of our needs and desires! All He wants is to hear from us about how we are doing. SO I challenge each of you to at least take a couple minutes to pray to Him because He wants to hear from you! Just like your earthly father wants to hear from you, your Heavenly Father wants to know your struggles and help where He can, so let Him! Just try it out! I promise as you persist, He will not disappoint!

I have tried my "British" accent a couple of times and  thought it was way good and my teacher told me I sound like an American trying to have an accent.....but hey! I sound like Im trying so props to me , right?!?!

I am the self appointed choir director...mainly because I was just excited and no one stood up so I got the job...but Im probably the best for it because I enjoy it and I get to stare at everyone and make them smile as we sing so thats always a good time!

Also, I may or may not of hurt myself like three times....I had a handicap shower bench fall on my toe....and it is purple like a unicorn! IM A UNICORN GUYS! Then the other day It was misting outside and I was coming back from the gym and I asking the Elders about basketball and right when I said how was basketball I smacked right onto the concrete and bruised my rear end so that was exciting! I felt like I was ice skating on a cloud of nothingness and then all of a sudden smacked into a wall! But I can not was simply hilarious...I cant even tell you how funny it was because it happened in one fellow swoop...this is probs a lame story...had to be there! ANYWAYS!  

A few words Ive learned this week is:
Wellies (rain boots)
Brolly( Umbrella)
Gem (Already knew but I just love how they use it)
Nappy (Diaper)
A Jab ( Is a Shot)
Brill (Brilliant)
Sorry (What)
Trolley (Cart)
Rubbish( Trash) *My personal fave
waffle (Mess Up)
Check It/Mint (Awesome)
Hairslide (Bobby Pin)
Cheers (Thank you) 
And they are very direct. Like the signs dont say bathroom...they say thats fun!) But they call toilet paper tissue paper so thats nice! There have been lots of amazing moments I wish I could share and wrap my brain around to remember but I just simply cannot!

Always remeber that God created us to have JOY! Not saddness! So be happy people! Make that active decision to choose positivity! Itll change your life! I solemnly swear! 

ROCK ON PEOPLE OF AMERICA! Be wonderful! Make splendid choices and do whats right!

Sister Heather Shea Cummins

PS: Sister Du always calls our swan swine...and it gets me everytime! So take a breather, look outside, and enjoy the swine! (:


  1. I just loved reading this! I had a bad day and you cheered me up! Thanks! I will take your advice and pray more than I already do😉

  2. Oh, Heather! So glad that life at the MTC is crazy AND proper!

    1. Oh yes, the peeps there KNOW proper. Daughter has lived in Lancaster now for 14 years and is all about the culture now. Accent getting stronger and it!

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