Monday, October 17, 2016

russel m. nelson


It is the one and only...I think....Sister Cummins back for another week of incredible experiences!!

First off, thank you all so much for the extra love, prayers, and presents I received on my birthday! You are all too nice to me! I don't deserve it but I'm not going to say no!(; HA!

You all are so great and I am so grateful for each one of you! Thank you for the big and small ways you impact my life! I wouldn't be who I am without your influence in my life. I believe we are here to accumulate experience, learn, grow, and to become our best selves and each of you truly has impacted me and guided me to become my best! Thank you! I love you!


This week has been so wonderful! This week I have been praying harder and harder that more prepared people will be placed in our path! We are striving to speak with everyone that we can and to just love those whom we come into contact with! As we have done so we have met SO many incredible people who really needed us at a specific moment of time. As we have shown the lord that He can trust us, he has sent us to meet Susan, Joe, Jeane, Jane, and Joseph, and so many other genuine, kind people! 

This week we went to go teach a lesson to the Finches. We teach Brother Finch and his wife every single week on Tuesday and Thursday nights without fail but this week they never answered. They had been having some problems and we had tried knocking about five times. After the fifth we decided to leave it until Thursday and started walking on our way. I saw this hooded person with a violin, so me being me I go up to them with all the excitement in the world because I love violin and haven't seen one of those bad boys in about 4 months! As we approach them we realise that it is a young boy from our church. He had been walking home for an hour because his bus never came and he had another 2ish hours to walk. He wouldn't have been able to get home until probably about 10. He had no phone and he was just walking down the street with his violin crying. He was so sad. It was so sad. But it helped me understand an important principle. To the Finches they were having a hard time on the other side of their door making it so that we couldn't come in for that night but because that happened we were able to find this 11 year old a ride home, ring his parents(who were in tears and had called the police) and really help him. We were where we were needed. Sometimes there are a lot of different factors for why some things happen to us. It does not mean God does not love us. We all have to pass through pain, trial, and suffering at some point but what this showed me is that God loves all of his children. He loves the Finches and He loves this young boy. He is there to help everyone. IF we just ask for it with real intent. The Finches are fine, they overcame their issues and this young boy was able to feel safe and get home. 

This week as I partook of the sacrament(the bread and water that symbolise Christ's sacrifice for each of us) I prepared myself before hand and truly felt the healing, cleansing power that the Atonement of Jesus Christ has brought into my life. This is healing and cleansing. it is peaceful and it is free to everyone. Heavenly Father sent His son to help us and He will. He already has. All we have to do is ask to be able to truly feel it. he will provide. There is a path clearly marked for us. We can accomplish any good task with the help of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I truly have felt that this week.

This week Russel M. Nelson( A modern day apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ) came an spoke to us along with a member of the Quorum of the Seventy, Donald Hallstrom and a few other incredible men. As Russel M. Nelson walked in the room I had a very strong impression that he is an apostle of the lord. That Jesus Christ does guide us today through living prophets and apostles. He gives us the words of ancient prophets and apostles as well as modern day ones because he loves us. he wants to guide our paths. The words they spoke instilled in me a great understanding of God's love for me and each of you. This is our reality. The world tries to fool us but there is so much more to this life. We are truly spiritual beings that are just here for a short while so we can become more like our Father in Heaven. We are made to have JOY! So go do it! 

I love my Saviour. I love my father in heaven. Without them I truly would be a very different person and I am so glad that I am able to change!

I say all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I hope you all have a really wonderful week! Go do something crazy like bake your neighbour a cake! Tell someone random you love them! Don't put barriers in your way! Act on impressions! Just be-YOU-tiful...cheesy I know! I love you dearly!!

Sister Cummins

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