Tuesday, October 4, 2016

stop worrying, just trust

Hello!! Hello!!!

I don't even know where to begin! This week...or past couple of weeks
has been a doozy("watch out for that first step, it's a
doozy!"-Groundhogs Day) sorry..I couldn't resist the temptation! :D

These past few weeks have been so wonderful!! I have been learning and
growing and life is just crazy!!

So, to start! I have my new companion! Her name is Sister Bellersen
and she is a power house! She is from Germany and she is teaching me
German....that is an interesting process(;  She is so kind, cute, yet
POWERFUL! She is focused, devoted, and I'm pretty sure she was a born
a missionary! It comes so naturally to her! This week as we have
worked together to simplify our teaching and have Christ on our lips
at all times and have Him be the center of our teaching we have seen
miracles happen! We have seen hearts softened on the spot. As we have
learned to rely upon our Saviour, Jesus Christ, we have seen curious
eyes wander and peoples lives changed.

To start we have two different friends named Ian and Jane. They are
both progressing and are overcoming many stumbling blocks in order to
learn more about Christ and as I get to work with them I am learning
hat love is the key. We must first observe and then serve and as we
let love be our motive and obedience be the means by which we do our
work we will see miracles occur! Miracles have not ceased. God still
lives. I am learning to stop focusing on what others believe to be
true and trust the eternal truths that Heavenly Father teaches. The
world strives to detract from Gods true, full love for us but we can
know the fullness of truth instead of the lies the world tries to
throw at us. This week the prophet and apostles of the Lord spoke to
us and gave us guidance and greater light and knowledge. They have
answered many of my questions and I know that they will answer many of
yours, if you open yourself for those answers.

We must be bold and trust in our Saviour for truth and understanding!
I know that if we pray with a sincere heart we will gain understanding
that we need. Heavenly Father knows us. He hears our prayers. He wants
to help us bear up our burdens and overcome our trials! He loves us.
He is our Father. Stop letting the world distract you from the fact
that you are loved. Rely on Him and you will overcome any barrier
placed in your path.

I have seen how as we increase in our faith things don't get easier,
but Satan works so much harder on us. We can win. God will win. There
is no doubt. I have a testimony that God lives. He is our Father. He
has provided a way for us to come back and to grow and become better
in the process.

These past few weeks have been so good! They have been ones of
stretching and growth! I love living in the growth zone. I love my
Saviour! I love that I can become more because He has made the way

I can hardly remember my experiences this week, all I can remember at
this time is that I have a testimony. I have a testimony or my the
gospel of Jesus Christ and because that I feel strength, power, and
love. I know you can as well and that that comes through the words of
God and prayer. Speak to Him. Read His word.

I love you all and I have great desire for you to feel of Gods
redeeming love because it is what lights out path and sets us free!!

Have a great week! Go see miracles! Pray for strength, understanding,
and help. You will receive it.

Choose to trust.

Sister Cummins

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