Monday, October 24, 2016

hi! hello!

Hi! Hi! Hello!

It is my! Your sister missionary from across the pond coming to you live at 15:31 pm!

I don't even know where to start! The weeks start to blur together and I feel like I've been on my mission for a cumulative for a few weeks....maybe...

Being a missionary is hard work, which makes it the best work. Being a missionary is all about striving to find balance. It is about putting your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ first, your companion second, the friends you make on the street and in their homes third, and yourself as well as all of your personal affairs last. I really feel that a mission is a life training. I am learning to be obedient. I am learning t manage my time, money, and skills but most importantly I am learning how to love my Saviour and to make Him the keystone of my life. I have so much gratitude to me Father in Heaven for sending me here and then giving me trials and challenges. While I have different things that pull at my different capacities, I am really learning that I need to put others first. I need to forget myself. As I forget myself Heavenly Father promises in the scriptures that we will find more of ourselves and I believe that is because there will be more of us to find. Sometimes I feel like I want to just sit down and cry. Sometimes I do.(; But in reality this is the greatest process of my life. 

I got to have a new missionary from Cambodia, Sister Rouen, and her companion(my old companion from the MTC), Sister Du exchange with Sister Bellersen and myself! We learned so much and received so much motivation! It was an incredible exchange and we got to see miracles happen! I love that they have not ceased! God still lives and blesses our lives! 

We also had a Multi-Zone conference where half the mission comes together and learns more! I learned that it is better to stay far away from the edge of a rule the to be close to it. The Lord trusts those who are pre-cautious and safe more than those who are dare-devils. Stay safe. I got to give a training on nightly planning which was way good and lots of fun! I got to work with another Sister Training Leader from Chorley, Sister O'Riordan, on it and it was heaps of fun!

This week we got to meet many people and have some seriously amazing people placed in our path. We met some people that are truly ready to hear more of the gospel and we just need to hold onto that "fruit" that the Saviour has placed in our path. We were on the bus and I was talking to this one man who was not in particularly interested in hearing any of our message but as he got off the bus this man named Earl had been listening and asked us if we would come visit his friend Sally and Lewis on Tuesday! Then the other day Sister Bellersen and I had gone to get lunch at a place called Yo' Burrito. As we were in the queue the woman making our food said, "Can I come and meet with you sometime? I really want to learn more about mormonism. I love learning about religion" and then as we waited for someone to open the chapel this week a boy named Jamie walked by us. As we initiated a conversation he invited us to come back to his home to share more with his family! People everywhere are being prepared. They are all around us! Heavenly Father wants His children to know about His restored gospel. I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of His work. I get to be the Lord's hands whilst here on the earth! That in itself is a privilege. So yeah, it may be hard but He provides a way to do the things which he asks us to do. 

I know that my Saviour lives. I know that He loves you and me. I know we can get through even the hardest of times with His help. I love the teachings of Jesus Christ. They bring so much peace to my heart. I hope you each have a wonderful week!! I hope you do things that make you happy and I hope you share the love within you with all those who surround you! 

Sister Cummins

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