Tuesday, November 8, 2016

pheasants and sheep and cows, oh my!

Alright! Alright! It is me here, Sister heather Shea Cummins reporting for duty to tell you all about the miraculous week we have had!

First and foremost, I am staying in PRESTON!!!!! I am SO SO SO happy! This place is becoming my home! I love it so much! Sister Bellersen and I have really decorated our flat and made it special to us which has made it so much more enjoyable to live in! I get to finish training Sister b which I am too thrilled about because in reality she is training me! She is always training me with her diligent, kind, and super hilarious example! I LOVE THIS GIRL! Oh boy! I don't even know what to say! This week on 5 November 2016 was Guy Fawkes Night. Basically it is the night when everyone blows things up and have lots of bonfires and fireworks! I have been seeing fireworks go off every night for the past week and it is incredible but it always sounds like someone is shooting a gun and it momentarily scares me...HA! I love this place! The people are crazy in the best way possible! So on Guy Fawkes Night we got to go to a recent convert's, Catherine's, house and meet her mum. The best part is....they live in the middle of no where!!! It took us 45 minutes on dirt road and cobblestones to get there and boy was it beautiful! We were surrounded by sheep and pheasants! We raced a jack wabbit with the car we were in(no we were not driving...otherwise we would've won(;) Boy did that thing MOVE! And I touched a COW! I touched a cow and then was so excited that I screamed, "I touched a cow!" and scared all the cows away. It was a pretty fulfilling night!

We got to have the Isle of Man(A little Isle off of England's west coast) come stay with us this week and boy oh boy it was so fun! They are so exuberant! Their names are Sister Keck(Switzerland) and Sister Libron(Phillipines)! We had so much fun together!!

Yesterday a lady almost ran me over with her car(Everyone drives on the sidewalks here and the roads are SO narrow) and then we got to teach her about the gospel and she was SO interested! We were in South Ribble helping the Sisters in that area find more friends to share the gospel with so I won't get to teach her but it was such a fun experience! We then met a very scientific man and we all learned that believing in science is no reason not to believe in religion. Science and religion in their pure forms works hand in hand to testify that God lives. I love the beauty all around me. I am so excited to be alive!! I love being a missionary and I hope each of you can feel my love for you!

We have a big read the Book of Mormon challenge before Christmas challenge out for all us missionaries and that is my challenge to YOU! Read the Book of Mormon as a present to your Saviour before the end of the year and watch your faith grow!

I know that Christ lived, died for us, and was everything he claimed to be. I know that as we follow His path w will find true happiness, ya know, the kind that endures trials. We all need Him, no matter what you say, we all do. I know this to be true and I say it in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Have a great week everybody!! I love you!!!!

Sister Cummins

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