Thursday, June 29, 2017

multi-temple blessings

Hello my friends and family from ALL OVER THE WORLD! That literally never gets old to say! I love that from being on my mission I have had the privilege to meet and serve with people from over 53 different countries! What a pleasure and a privilege! Knowing so many different kinds of people is such an absolute privilege and pleasure! How wonderful it is that we are connected together all over the world!

This week has been such an incredible week here in the cradle of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, otherwise known as....MANCHESTER ENGLAND! Okay....Im not in Manchester but I am in the Manchester Mission! That is pretty exciting!  In this mission there is SO much history! Ancient and modern prophets and apostles have walked the roads of Downham and Chatburn! I get to be here! I am so pleased to know that God loves us enough to restore simple truth that was lost over time. He loves us enough to guide us and direct us. That brings me so much peace! I cant even explain it. Happiness is available to everyone but there is something that changes within you when you come to understand who you truly are....A CHILD OF GOD! How fantastic is that! I would invite each of you to sincerely pray to you Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ to ask if this is true if you are unsure of this truth. I'll tell you WHY that matters. That matters because if you are a child of God that means that you are of eternal value! That means that you have been sent here for a brief 80-90 odd years(give or take) for a PURPOSE and that part of that purpose is to gain a family, a body, and experience! How blessed we are for this! That means that we never have to feel defeated but we can choose to trust that it will all work out for our benefit as we trust in him and his commandments and he will direct our paths for good. It means so much! I hope each of you will be able to find out why it matters to you because there are individual reasons why it should matter to you that I'm oblivious to because I'm not you. But you can find out! I want you to really think about this:
Why are you here:
-on earth
-in the family you are in
-in the situation you are in
                                and really think about it. WHY? Will you do these things? Will you ponder on those questions and then pray and ask if you are a child of God? WILL YOU? I sure hope so! :D because I love you! Each of you mean so much to me. I want you to really know that and I invite you to do this because I really really love you and you matter in my life. Thank you for your friendship and support! It means everything to me!

As for the title of this email, it comes from such a crazy yet wonderful week! I got to go to the Chorley temple for the last time with my President and Sister Ulrich and the other missionaries who will be going home at the same time as me. We then had an incredible meeting where I received so many answers.

A week or so ago I was struggling with focus. Focus on this work. My mum can attest to that...I went crazy...I even bought a swimsuit! Haa! But I realized that there is no time for me to be distracted! I only have 18 months to be a missionary and I am here because Jesus Christ lives and He loves us all and wants us to have peace and understanding. HE LOVES US! And because of Him I am dedicated to this work and shall be forever.

My time has just run out or else I would say more but know this....I LOVE YOU! you are so special. You are worth so much. Thank you for being my friend! 

Have a sunshiny day and remember: You are worth it!!

Sister Cummins

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