Monday, June 19, 2017


EVERYBODY!! I am in England!!! Can you believe it! Take a minute to genuinely think about how far away I am in reality from each of you.....THAT IS REALLY REALLY FAR! ....I just remembered that there are friends from England and more specifically, Wrekin, on this email list....they are probably all laughing at me right now....I cannot say that I blame them. Im pretty funny(; (buh dum chhh) :D

Wow! That is all I have to say is WOW! I just feel so so so much gratitude to be serving in such a blessed and prosperous land! To be serving in the cradle of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Oh and don't even get me started on the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! WOW! How blessed I am to be able to share and enlighten people on the fact that although a lot of changes were made by mankind to the teachings of Jesus Christ that they are back...IN THEIR FULNESS! We have his authorization to do his work on the earth again today and I am just SO filled with joy and exuberance for that fact! I feel so loved.

Coming to the end of your mission is hard because I keep thinking about all of your wonderful faces and that I will get to squeeze them in just a few weeks! It is kind of mind boggling to me....unless you're in England...then you better let me squeeze your face whilst I still have time!

Being a missionary is a thrilling experience! This week we really got to see a lot of miracles! A lot of members came to help us teach some of our really good friends! We have some really really great friends here! Right now we are teaching one of our friends named Rebecca! She is so sincere! She is just absolutely drinking from the pages of the Book of Mormon. She just loves it! She feels like it is filling a gap in her life and filling her faith up! She has such sincere desire. it is incredible to see someone so prepared have such sincere desires. I am very grateful to know her. She is such a tender mercy in my life. We are also teaching one of our best friends, Amy.  mentioned her a few weeks ago but she is really thriving! The both of them came to church with us yesterday! That was a fantastic feeling!! They got a lot out of it as well which was so good! Please keep them and their families in your prayers!

I had a huge surprise at church yesterday! My first companion, Sister Amilijo Reimert was there! She came back from Denmark for the weekend! My heart was SO filled to the brim with joy! I just know we are going to be eternal friends. She is such a tender mercy to my life! Luckily we were in the chapel when I saw her so I wasn't capable of being too loud but it was such a tender reunion when I saw her. She is me mission mum! Oh, how sweet that day was! She then went over to Amy's with us after church for some lunch. It was such a tender day.

This area is my home. These people are my family. I love being here so much. I am SO grateful for this tender opportunity to serve the people of my home. I LOVE ENGLAND! EEEEP.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I know that heavenly Father knows the best timing for us. he has our best timing at heart. he has a broader perspective. he loves us SO much. I cannot emphasise that enough. I am sure of this truth. I am sure of this gospel. I relish in the joy it brings my soul. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Have a great week!!

Sister Cummins

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