Tuesday, June 6, 2017

mission fireside!

Hello my beautiful friends and family!! It is so crazy to be writing to you! I am back with my beloved Sister Cannon! Wow...what an absolute treat! Heavenly Father has blessed me so much to serve here in the cradle of the restoration of the gospel. I really, really love this gospel. I don't think I can quite explain it. This gospel has just absolutely filled me to the brim with love for others and for my Saviour. The first and great commandment is to love our Heavenly Father. The second is like unto it, to love our fellow beings. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share a mission because in the process it has shaped and changed me. I am still learning how to keep those two vital commandments but I am a little closer today than I was yesterday and I am positive I will be even closer tomorrow than I am today. I am so grateful for this. I am so grateful for each day and each hour but I know the catastrophes that take over a day, a week, sometimes even months or years cannot disturb the grand plan of our heavenly father. I want each of you to know that I know that we have not been forgotten. England has received many bombings and a lot of pain but this is not God's fault. he has sent his son to be a perfect example for us to live after and strive to be like. unfortunately, not everyone decided to follow the commandments or example of Christ. I want each of you to know that I know with every ounce and fiber of my soul that we are loved. The souls who are lost are not actually lost because they are slain but they are with our heavenly Father. Their spirits are being ministered unto at this very moment of time. I know it. I wish I could give each of you the biggest hug of my life but my internet love will have to do. I love you. You are very important to me. Thank you for being a blessing to my life. Thank you for changing me. I love you. You are my very best friends. God is just a title. he really is our LOVING father. Please take the time to get to know him. Please. It will bless you forever if you do so with sincerity. It really will.

This week, we got to have SUCH an incredible miracle. In each mission we do something called a "mission Fireside" where people who are recently converted and have followed Jesus Christ's example share their conversion stories....its amazing. It is my last opportunity to go to one of these firesides so all the missionaries who go home at the end of this six week period was given permission to come. We live about a two hour drive from where it is held though. SO, we called everyone we could think of that would possibly be free or capable but no one was able to take us. BUT heavenly father is SO in charge of his work. So, we have this friend named Amy who has known the missionaries for about 6-7 years. She is our neighbor and she said she would take us. On the way up we talked to her about Jesus Christ and she told us that at this point of time he didn't mean much to her because she has gotten through life just fine without him. Okay, understandable. We went to the fireside and afterwards, she was asking us all of these questions. She had heard the stories of these people and could feel something. She told us every time she comes to one of our churches she feels a different kind of peace that she has never known before. She felt the people were really speaking to her. It was just incredible. her whole demeanor and desire changed in about 6 hours and on the journey home she said she would be baptised! We are SO EXCITED FOR HER! Please keep her in your prayers!

Miracles happen every day all around us.This is my belief, my testimony. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Have a phenomenal week! Talk to you soon!! XOXO
Sister Cummins

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