Monday, July 10, 2017

england to america

Well everybody....the day is come...I'm sorry to say it America but...IM COMING HOME! You can run, but you cant hide! ha! Sister Cummins(AKA...ME or Heather Cummins: ADD ME ON FACEBOOK MY ENGLISH/WORLDWIDE FRIENDS! :D) is coming home on Wednesday! How crazy is that?!? I cannot believe it has been 18 months...IT HAS FLOWN feels like I've been gone for maybe 5 months max...but I am wrong!
I will be speaking and sharing about the experiences I have had here in England on SUNDAY...THIS SUNDAY, the 16th and I would LOVE to see your bright and shining faces there! It starts at 10am! I don't know the address but I do know it is posted on my Facebook(thank you Laurel, she's the best.) I would love to see all of you beautiful human beings there! It has been a whirlwind of adventures and emotions and I am excited to share those things that have changed my life with you!
This week we got to welcome a new mission president, President and Sister McReynolds and they are INCREDIBLE! Wow. I wish I could stay another 18 months just so I could stay with them and learn from them. They are so kind and such natural leaders. It is a privilege to know them.
this week was a very special way to end a mission. My friend, Becca, was baptised on Friday and was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday! What an incredible blessing and opportunity it was to teach her for my last transfer and to see her learn gospel principles and apply them into her life with JOY! She really had a lot of hardship come into her path but she pushed through with the basics: reading the Book of Mormon, praying sincerely, and come to church. Her whole family came and loved the service! her son is excited to come to church and be able to follow his mum's footsteps! I think he will be an incredible missionary someday too and what a story he will have to share with all of the people I hope he someday teaches! Maybe Im jumping the gun...he is only 11...but still!!
Our friend Amy is doing really well. I actually just got off of the phone with her. She is so so so funny. She is going to take me up to Manchester before I hop on my plane! She is like my best friend! We were just chatting about what she was reading in the Book of Mormon and she had highlighted some verses that really helped her and she felt she could relate to and I had felt the same way about those same things. It sounds like a little thing but the Book of Mormon has something special about the fact that it is the word of God and that it was delivered to us by an angel. Some call me crazy but I know its true. I know I'm crazy but I'm not literally crazy! All I know is this book has changed my life for the better just as it has changed me! Okay...I am done now.(:
Sister Cannon is staying in this blessed land of Wrekin and getting my Australian best friend, Sister O'Riordan! They will be like fire together! She is SO incredible! I am excited to see what great things they do!!
What a blessing it has been to my life to serve God and to bring others unto him for the last 18 months of my life...and I have an eternity to go! How thankful I am for this! I love you all and cannot wait to give you a warm embrace! You all deserve a cuddle(that's how a lot of British refer to a hug...I swear I'm not being a creep.) Take care for now, know that you are loved.
Have a great day!!
Sister Cummins

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