Monday, May 1, 2017

"You need a rest" -Sister Libron

Hello! HELLO!! 

So basically...I LOVE WREKIN and my companion!! It is so good to be back here! I love these people with all of my heart!! They have filled me literally and spiritually! I love the beauty of this area. 

It has been an incredible week! I believe I have come back for a few reasons and more than I know but I think one of those reasons is a good friend of mine named TINA! We are teaching Tina! I met her last year and started teaching her but had to leave her behind and she is still investigating and this time we are going to get her there! the other day as we taught the commandments she looked at us with the most sincere eyes and said, " I really want this. I want this peace so badly". I am so grateful to be an advocate for peace. I get to go out and connect people to their loving Father and to their Saviour Jesus Christ EVERYDAY! how lucky am I!? I seriously relish in it. That was one of the sweetest moments I have ever had on my mission. She is dated for baptism for May 20th! please keep her in your prayers!! 

"A testimony is like a pet. If you do not feed it, it will die." That little gem came to me the other day. Let us all take the time to take care of our testimonies. Let us love our testimonies and see them as our best friends because our personal beliefs are what will get us through our hardest times. I know that to be true.

As for my Subject companion always says that to me because she thinks...well she knows I am crazy. BUT I WILL NOT REST! We are missionaries for jesus Christ! We can rest when we are dead! As for now, I am determined to give my whole heart to this work! Please pray that I will be able to focus on my mission. I need them! I love being a missionary and I am so grateful to be doing this! Thank you for your support and love. Sorry for the lack of details but i got to go!! You all are wonderful! be kind to yourself because you are a child of God and you are my friend. And i dont like it when people are rude to my friends(; 

Sister Cummins!!

GO MAKE SOMETHING MIRACULOUS HAPPEN!(but make sure you pray first or it won't work) XOXO

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