Monday, May 22, 2017


GOOD AFTERNOON...actually it is probably still morning for you. Well,
it's five o'clock where I am!! It is nice to hear from all of you
wonderful people. I am sorry that I don't reply to you individually, I
really want to but missions are short and friendships are eternal. I
love you all so much!!

So the title of this weeks email is about testimonies! A testimony is
a simple declaration of belief. It is a feeling, an assurance, and a
conviction of truth. I LOVE MY TESTIMONY. It has become one of my
greatest friends. When life gets hard I reflect on what I actually
believe is true. It gives me comfort more than anything or anyone else
can. My testimony is my friend, possibly even my best friend. It is my
personal connection to Jesus Christ. As I reflect on what I believe it
brings memories of all the times Jesus Christ has helped me and I am
so grateful for him being willing to reach out to me and save me. I
suppose that is my greatest goal right now. I want to rely on his
ample arm. I want to put all of my trust in him. I want to give away
all of my sins to know him. He is mighty to save. He is my greatest
friend, my redeemer, my Saviour, my hero, my ally, my strength. He is
always there for me. I love him. I have realised yet again that if we
do not feed our testimonies with our much needed spiritual food that
our testimony(aka best friend who can get us through anything) will
die. How awful is that?! We would never let our friend just die
without taking all the precautions possible. So going to church,
reading our scriptures, and speaking openly with our Heavenly FATHER
is of utmost importance. I am so grateful for these things. Hard times
come. Hard times are fleeting as we rely on the Saviour.

This week we have had many wonderful experiences: first of all...I
think Heavenly Father is trying to make a point to me. I have met
about 3 vegans in the past 4 days and I ran into a vegan
convention.....I don't know but maybe I need to become a
vegan...interesting, huh? Also, my legs stopped working he other day!
I was getting off of a bus and I took one step off and *SPLAT* I was
on the curb. I don't know what happened, all I know is that it was
probably one of the funniest most shocking moments on my mission.

Even better than splatting on the ground is finding people who are
seriously searching for answers to their questions, questions that we
know the answers to because of the RESTORED gospel of Jesus Christ!
Our friend Sandra is really worried about where her parents are know.
s we shared gods plan of happiness for us she was amazed. She was not
believing at first but then she saw how it is spoken of even in he
bible and she had a much more open heart. The Book of Mormon and the
Bible seriously go hand in hand and testify of one another so
perfectly. It is seriously incredible. I am so grateful for them both
because they help me to avoid and detect false doctrine. The world is
so confused and it's standards are constantly changing but I know God
stays the same yesterday, today, and forever. ISNT THAT GREAT?! I feel
so excited about it!! It brings me so much joy to understand and
realise restored truth. I love those truths. I love finding people who
are searching for those truths.

I am not ashamed of the testimony that is in me. I love the gospel! I
love Jesus Christ and I know he is our Saviour and redeemer. I know
God is our LOVING father in Heaven! Pray, he is there!! You are SO
important to him and to me!! I love you! Thank you for your friendship
in my life. You can do anything! You are wonderful!!!

Over and out till next week
Sister Cummins

The following photos are not approved for parental eyes: sorry mum,
sorry dad. 😁

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