Monday, May 15, 2017

time to write

Wow! My lovely friends and family!! I love you! I am so sorry I
haven't written a proper email in so long! It is so good to get a
little time to actually write you about my week!

So, how do I even begin to express my utmost gratitude for this work?
Today someone told me that I was on a vacation and that made me laugh
a little because it's true. Although missionary work is hard, it is
also the most fulfilling experience. I am so grateful for it. I get to
take a break from school, grades, worry about money, work, and the
world in reality and I get to just focus on developing a relationship
between God and myself as well as between God and others. How lucky I
am to be a missionary.

As I reflect on my past week I can see that it truly has been so chalk
full of incredible moments!!!

This week we got to have he sisters staying in the Crewe area come on
exchanges with us. I got to be with a sister named Sister Turnbull
from Australia! She is my "granddaughter in the mission" because
Sister Cannon trained her about a year ago and now I got to be with
her!! What a privilege. She is so full of life and love! At one point
we felt like we should walk to our destination instead of take the
bus. So as we were walking, we stopped his lovely lady. We told her
about how Heavenly Father has given us commandments because he truly
loves us and wants us to have the happiest life possible. She started
crying and walked away so I asked if we could leave our phone number
with her. She texted us later asking if we could show her around the
chapel. It was so wonderful! She told us that, "she wanted to be a
part of our family" so we dated her for baptism for the 27th of May!
We are so excited! She came to church with us yesterday and it is
incredible!! Heavenly Father really places us in the path of those
prepared! That's who I am in the search of! I am dying to meet those
people who want change and hope and that is exactly what we are
finding!! Seriously! Heavenly Father will give us our righteous

We got to hike the WREKIN last week again!! Pictures to come! 😊

What else, what else? Hmmmmm. I'm not sure.

Oh, I know!! POSITIVITY! Oh that is so so so key!! What is the point
in being sad or discouraged? We don't have time for that!! WE HAVE
WORK TO DO! I suppose what I really want to say is that I love
missionary work. I love going out and making plans each day to TEACH
the gospel of Jesus Christ! We make plans like: FOREVER FINDING OF
FOREVER FRIENDS! GO sister Go! Share the gospel with the 🌎 and FEAR
NO MAN! And it is just so fun! We evaluate the days and look back
knowing that we gave it everything and we account to the Lord. This
week instead of just telling Father what I did I want to ask him more
if what I did was pleasing and how can I improve? I know hat when I am
open for the answer he will give it to me. It just takes patience,
humility, and an open mind. I think I'm ranting here more than
anything else. Sorry about that! I am just learning SO much and I love
it!! My rant is over, here is some pictures. Stay happy. Choose joy.
Do things that feed your spirit...or it will die!! You are wonderful!!
Take care!

Sister Cummins

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