Monday, June 27, 2016

whirlwind and a baptism baby!

It's Sister Cummins here, reporting for duty!

Everyone! His week has been CRAZY! Seriously! My mind has been blown on so many different levels!! It all started last Monday! We were riding a bus home and BOOM we get a call from the Shrewsbury Sisters! We are having a lovely chat and then Sister Baisden says, "So we are getting evicted and we are coming to stay with you for a week or two...starting tomorrow!" My mind was blown. I WAS SO EXCITED! Sleep over all week long?!? Yes please! We got to go on splits(where you switch companions with another companionship) for a whole week and we are actually still doing it! I'm looking at 3 beautiful faces right now as we speak!! How great is that?!? This week has been chalk full of so much wonderful learning and growth I can hardly stand it!! This week has seriously been a WHIRLWIND of events(hence the subject of this email)!!! From planning a baptism, having the magnificent Shrewsbury sisters come and stay with us, to seeing a baptism performed! How great is that!?! 

 I think something I really learned whilst on this exchange of companions is how to handle lots of stress from different aspects many different aspects of life at once. I really learned how to multi-task and carry many things and people at once! It really was incredible! I've  learned on an even more drastic level the importance of obedience. I just want to be exactly obedient!! I love being obedient because I know I'm making Heavenly Father happy and by doing so He trusts me more and gives me more peace of mind and strength to accomplish the things which He hath commanded me to do! I really want to be more and more humble with each passing day and just do Gods will! I know that this is possible through aspiring to please God instead of man and by being obedient as possible!! I am learning so so so much everyone! I love it! I just want to change and be better and better so badly! I want to be better and better with each passing day and if I fall short(which I will), then to utilise the Atonement more and more...EVERYDAY!! I realised that I struggle with pride mostly in that I compare myself to others a lot. It's awful! It's either me saying that they aren't as good as me at something or that I'm not as good as them in something and I really want to stop! I am striving to realise more and more that we are each here for a specific purpose and that that purpose has been planned by a loving Father. It doesn't matter how "good" someone else is or how "good" I am. What matters is that I am trying to be my best, they are trying to be there best, and that we are striving to help each other reach our greatest potential! I don't want to compare one another's "bests" anymore! I also have felt how Heavenly Father has really helped me to see from other people's perspectives and is helping me to love and accept others! I am so be grateful for this and the other knowledge that He blesses my life with! There are seriously so many things that I've learned in these past few days and I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity to be strengthened and shaped by this amazing week long companion exchange!!!

The best part of this week was that...TOM IS A BAPTISED MAN!!!! I am so so so SO excited for him!! It amazes me that we found him just a couple months ago and now he is baptised! I got to speak and sing(which was a bad idea for those of you who know my singing voice...#screechingcat)....and it was so spiritual and lovely!! Oh and two of our other friends, Toni and Lawrence, got to come and participate and experience the amazing joy that was felt!! This life is so great and I just feel so privileged to be a missionary for the Lord!! This is the most fulfilling thing I have ever experienced!!!

So this week, I challenge each of you to read "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson(one of the twelve apostles of our modern day) and to pray and ask God to help you to acknowledge the way(s) where you struggle most with pride and then make goals on how you can be better! Whether it be by small and simple goals for a week or so or by setting bigger goals that will last over the course of a few months! I promise that as you do this and you strive to be better that Jesus Christ will make up the difference and help you! You will feel a more consistent happiness in life and you will be able to be more tolerant of those around you! Each of us struggle with pride but I know that as we push forward with an eye single on becoming the person God needs us to be we will feel more peace in our lives. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN!😊

I hope you all have a week full of joy and miracles!! Keep on pushing forward and know how much I and he Lord love you!!! You rock!!

Sister Cummins

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