Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Alright Alright! Hello my wonderful friends and family! Today has been
a crazy day and it has been quite fun and wonderful but today has been
CRAZY!! So long story short, I have left the blessed land of Wrekin
and have moved to the PRESTON area to be a Sister Training Leader for
the Preston Zone! It's kind of crazy and overwhelming because I've
only been out for 6 months BUT I know that the Lord prepares a way for
us to accomplish the things which he has commanded us to do! I am now
serving where Gordon B Hinckley and many other wonderful people have
served!! I am so excited to be here and be able to serve in this
capacity! I get the opportunity to be ripped out of my "home" and
adjust to this new life! How fantastic is that?!? 😊The craziest thing
is that the Preston Zone covers BLACKPOOL!! Where my mom is from!! I
love being able to serve where my beautiful mum grew up and
experienced life! England is such a beautiful and wonderful land! I am
so privileged to be here and I know I am about to learn a TON!! I am
so excited to grow and learn!! It is so exciting!! We get to
experience so many wonderful this and we get to become better people
everyday! I am grateful for so many opportunities! This is fairly
short because my head is running around and life's crazy and great!
But I hope you all have a seriously wonderful week!!! I love you and I
want you to know that I truly love the Lord! I love the opportunities
He gives me and I know that He lives and that He is there for each of
us! Go see some miracles people!! I love you!

Oh and my baby(Sister Cannon) is TRAINING!!!! I am SO excited!! Life
is so good! Don't take any moment for granted! Love you loads!!

Sister Cummins

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