Monday, July 11, 2016


HELLO! Hello!! My wonderful friends and family across the deep blue sea! It is me, Sister Cummins, and I am back and at it for another week! I cannot believe one week has flown by! It has been an exciting week full of excitement and joy! 

So basically missionary work is the best thing that anyone can ever is just SO fulfilling! I am learning and growing with each passing day and boy am I grateful for it! I can hardly believe that I am no longer in Wrekin and I am all the way on the other side of the mission in Preston! It is a lot colder and more humid up here in good old Preston! I got to buy this sweet new rain coat because boy does it rain! But do not fear everyone! There is sunshine in my soul! And it is more glorious and bright! 

So here is the Preston scoop! The people here are way nice and there is a lot more diversity than what I saw down in the south of England! there are a ton of different nationalities and it is amazing to meet so many different kinds of people! They are all so wonderful and super kind! 

This week we taught our friend Pretti who is scheduled to be baptised on this Saturday!! This Saturday! The first day I got there she shyly looks up at us and says..."I want to be baptised..." and Sister Barlow and I were blown away! SHE IS GOING TO BE BAPTISED PEOPLE!?! Can you feel my excitement because Im pretty sure it is blowing up the whole library! BAHHH! It is so wonderful! We have another friend named Laurie whom we are teaching, her family are all members and she is an older woman who is unsure about our message but said she will start reading the Book of Mormon! We are so excited because in reality, the Book of Mormon is the keystone to everything we believe! If it is not true then nothing we believe is true. But if it is true then the message we share with people is true and that means Jesus Christ has restored his church, out of love for us, once again on the earth today!! How great is that! I just want these people to find out this glorious truth for themselves because in reality that is my purpose! I am simply here to invite, not to convince anyone of anything and I am so grateful for the time I get to be here and for all of the people that I am meeting! 

Sister Barlow is an amazing woman who is from Seattle she is used to this weather! She is one of the happiest people I know and she is always smiling! She is so strong and kind and such a genuine person! I truly love her and am SO excited to be with her for this time! 

I love you all so dearly and hope your week is full of miracles! Go tell everyone that you love them and that you hope the best for them! Know that Heaven is cheering you on! Go read the scriptures and say some prayers and feed your spiritual needs! I promise it will greatly enrich your lives! I love you loads!

Sister Cummins

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