Thursday, June 23, 2016

you're a proper nutter!

HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS of not England(and maybe England too because I'm not sure who I send this to anymore!)
If you're wondering why my caption is the way it is that is because...."I'm a proper nuttah!" Or so I have been told....about 13 times this week....HA! The people in Wrekin love me...they just think I'm crazy! Because let's be real...I am! :D
I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I, over here in beautiful England am enjoying a downpour of liquid sunshine! let me tell you something, today is a beautiful day for miracles and the work of the Lord!! As I reflect upon this week, it has been one full of miraculous events!!! I feel like this past week Sister cannon and I were really able to be more balanced in  our work in achieving the Lord's goals. This week we set our goals in a different manner. We started setting our goals before making our plans for the next day and guess what! It works wonders!  We ended up succeeding and surpassing our original goals for the week! I have gained a testimony of goal making! It seriously does wonders!!
The highlight of my week though was when our friend Tom and our other friend Tina got interviewed for baptism!! THEY ARE GOING TO BE BAPTISED EVERYBODY!! How great is that!?!? Tom's baptism is coming up fast...THIS SATURDAY! Tina should be baptized on the2nd of July!! How great is that! Oh my goodness I am so excited!! It seriously blows my mind that we just met Tom on a park bench just A MONTH ago and now he is preparing himself to be baptised! I just am mind blown! The night we met him we had to decide between walking towards home or calling by one last person and as we decided to call by that last person we ran into Tom. he was solemnly sitting on a park bench because he had just lost his Nan! He didn't want to talk to anyone and for some reason he allowed us to. He said he just felt like he should! He knew our recent convert Rickie and his wife Tanisha and he works with our Bishop and our member friend Jacob(who also lives right next to him)! It just blows me away and give me so much excitement! We met our friend Tina through one of our other friends Dannii and she has just been soaring along! Learning, growing, and accepting the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! She is making changes in her life and becoming a woman that god needs her to become! how amazing is that?!? Amazing things are happening here in this blessed land and I just feel so lucky to be along for the ride!
On another note, this week one of our members went to Utah for work and he picked up some deodorant for Sister Cannon and I...the people of England just don't perspire like us Americans! I have to have my Degree Mens :D I was getting really sick of that spray on stuff that they use here in Europe. When you spray it, it gets all up into your nostrils and makes healthy people have asthma thank you.
Today I was reading a lot about faith and how faith is action! You can have a belief but that is just a mental decision! But faith is putting that mental decision to use! The Israelites had to put their feet in the water before it parted! If they had just waited on dry ground for something to happen they probably would've died but because they exercised their faith God granted them their righteous desires! They had to take that action! I don't want to just have a belief! I want to have faith and ACT every single day! James 2: 17-18 says that faith without works is dead. So I can say I believe in this and that all I want but until I show it through my actions I really don't have faith in anything! My faith in the Savior and His infinite love for each of us is what motivates me to go speak to my brothers and sisters in this English land each day! What do you have faith in? What motivates you to act? I challenge you to find out! Read in the scriptures and pray to find what motivates you and then use that motivation and act! Make miracles happen! Amazing and inspired acts can and will happen as we allow ourselves to act in faith! I love this gospel and the privilege of teaching it to all of these wonderful and prepared people! I love being the Lord's missionary and doing His glorious work! I love each of you so dearly for your individual qualities that make you so wonderfully you! Have a happy week full of miracles!!
Sister Cummins

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