Monday, June 6, 2016

I love Wrekin!

Hello the people whom I love SO dearly!

I hope you are enjoying some literal rays of sunshine like I a over here in beautiful, green, England! If any of you want to look up my weather my postcode is TF42FT and it is BEAUTIFUL today! Oh baby!! Something about literal sunshine, instead of liquid sunshine(AKA rain), just brings me SO much joy!! I LOVE IT!

People! This week has been chalk full of miracles!! Starting with the fact that 5 people came to church yesterday and we managed to make each of them feel comfortable! Sundays as a missionary are stressful yet amazing! I can hardly stand it!

We started teaching a man named Lawrence last week and in the matter of a week he has met with us twice and come to church...can you say...MIRACLES?!? Because I sure can!! He is SOLID! At the end of our second lesson we asked him to say a prayer and at first he was like, "Nuh-uh not today!" but as we explained why we wanted him to and then bowed our heads and closed our eyes he did it...after five minutes...ha! It was pretty awkward but it turned out to be so amazing and such a powerful prayer!

Our friend Tina is doing well! She is planning on being baptised on June 18th so if you could all keep her in your prayers I would be more than grateful!
Our friend Tom is now planning to be baptised on June 25th!! He came to church and he got to see a lot of his good friends there! It is so exciting! We have a lot of things to do and teach before we can really get this going but I know that with God's help it will happen!! He is really solid. He gets it. He reads, he prays and the best part is the people who make him feel loved and welcome!! Its incredible!!
Something I have really learned and noticed this week whilst reading is that 1 Nephi chapter 16 on page 33-36 of the Book of Mormon(GO LOOK!) is that Nephi(a person who lived about 2,616 years ago) is amazing! He is not some super human but he is as susceptible as I am to the frustrations of the world. I always seem to put these people on a pedestal and make them out to be not real people when in reality they struggled like me! These people in the scriptures were human! They made mistakes and they struggled! What a concept! I was reading when Nephi broke his bow(verse 18) and he talks about how he was afflicted(sad, verse 21). The best part is, is that he then got up and made himself a new bow and went to work(verse 23)! That is how I want to be! I want to be someone who can feel sad and then gets up, deals with my problem, trusts God, and goes to work!! I really loved that as I read, I feel edified and relatable to these people!
Sometimes I wish I could just take some of these people and change their brains...and then I realize that that is what Satan wanted as well..... so I stop...but it is just so frustrating sometimes when they know it is true and you know they know it and then they act differently from what they know! Bah! I think I know how my parents felt about me in my teenage years now...sorry mom and dad!(; I am really just SO pumped to be here in Wrekin for another 5 weeks!! It is exciting and exhilarating and just absolutely wonderful! God's work is pressing forward! How wonderful is that?! And I get to be a part of it! Man, I'm a lucky woman! But guess what! There is good news! YOU CAN TOO! You can invite people to church or ask your friends to be taught by the missionaries! OR if you aren't a member of Jesus Christ's restored church then you can invite the missionaries(like me) to come over and edify and uplift you! Or you can ask your fellow Mormon friend for a copy of the Book of Mormon, lets be real we have like 14 extras in probably every Latter Day Saint home! OR even better, you can even request a visit from missionaries at this website:! I promise that it is exhilarating and life changing! I promise that the message we share will help YOU to improve the quality of your life! It will help everyone, anywhere across the world, to deal with the problems and challenges that we all are susceptible to in life! Each person that is taught has personal challenges or concerns BUT GUESS WHAT! No matter what your needs and concerns might be, the Savior and his teaching(AKA The Gospel of Jesus Christ) will help you! I know it will! I know this because I have seen it do so for many people all across Wrekin and I have heard stories of people all across England and the world whose lives have drastically improved when they found out that Jesus Christ restored his church through a modern day prophet! I mean the only reason I'm alive is because my mom was changed and bettered by the message missionaries shared with her a few years ago! This message changes lives! I know that we have a prophet on the earth today! How lucky we are to have this knowledge right at our finger tips!
I love this church! I love the person who I have become and I love watching others change and improve their lives! I know Jesus Christ lives! I know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves and knows us personally! I love knowing that my family is forever! My faith is increasing every day and I am growing and being changed every day! I am so grateful for the ways the Lord humbles me and loves me and all of His children! Look for His hand in your life and you will see it! I love you all and I hope your week is as wonderful and as bright as your personalities! Keep fighting!
I'd like to say all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Sister Cummin

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