Tuesday, May 31, 2016



Oh what a glorious week full of insight and learning it has been! This week has been full of joy and excitement! From Sister Cannon's First 6 Weeks in the field to inviting many unto the waters of baptism! It has been a week to remember! 

This week we had a super fun activity at church were we showed Meet the Mormons(it's a movie and it's on Netflix and it is way good! The beginning is a little cheesy but if you power through the first ten minutes you'll be crying in no time...and laughing..and then crying a little more! Go check it out!!) We had a few people come but our friend Tina came and then this random girl I met when we did a street dispplay the other day came as well, named Toni! At first Toni didn't want to make a return appointment with us but after we watched Meet the Mormons and ate some cupcakes(which was a bad idea seeing as Im supposed to avoid dairy...but it was orange frosting on a chocolate cupcake and my little heart just couldn't resist...#uhhohh #getmeabathroom #soworthit) she was making a return appointment with us for the end of the week!! BOOM BABY! I am so stinckin excited!! 

OH! So this week we taught our friend Tina and she is greatly progressing. Emphasis on the greatly! She came to our Meet the Mormons movie night on Saturday and afterwards she said, "I'm in. That movie answered a lot of my questions and I know this is what I need to do." She has a few things she needs to do before she can but she is dated for the 18th of June and I know she will be baptised! She is rapidly progressing! We read from the Book of Mormon and chatted about the different parts of it and she is really able to see how this book is like her own wonderful personal journal! It applies to her in all aspects of her life and through these prophets from the ancient Americas she is able to better understand how to get through life's issues! ITS AMAZING! Our recent convert, Dannii, took us to go see her and Dannii comes with us every time we go! It really proves to me that as these people have a support system that they will be more inclined to get baptised and change their lives!! SO for all of you members out there why don't you offer to go out and help the missionaries teach! I know that they would be more than ecstatic to have you come along and I know that I could use some good karma in this area so please go help out any way that you can! :D 

We also taught a really incredible man named Lawrence. He really understands everything we teach. He asks incredible questions and he really grasps it. He tells us how everything makes sense! I cannot tell you how incredible it is to watch someone understand something so plain and precious to my heart! Seeing Lawrence just perfectly understand has built my testimony that this message we share is simple and true and that this is the plan that God has for everyone no matter their walk of life. It can bring everyone happiness and I know that because I can see it bringing all of these different people from all over this wonderful country so much JOY! Last night he prayed with us and afterwards he told us how he just felt really touched and how much he loved learning all of this! He is committed to come to church and our Book of Mormon class that starts next Thursday! AHHHH IM SO EXCITED!! :D

Then we taught our friend Tom Watts just yesterday! He really likes what we teach and we were chatting about when he first met us and how at that time his grandma had just passed about five hours prior(this was about a month ago) and he told us yesterday that at that time he didn't want to talk to anyone but that when we approached him something told him to let us speak with him! How amazing is that?!? We are so blessed here in Wrekin with a large teaching pool and many kind, interested people!! We dated Tom to be baptised on the 25th of June and he asked Brother Brownlow(the member who was there) to baptise him right then and there!! Boom!! Miracles!!

Oh my goodness! I hope you can feel my excitement behind this keyboard! Miracles are happening every single day!! EVERY DAY! Whether big or small they happen! And they happen to all of you as well! All you have to do is open yourself up to them and allow yourself to see them! God blesses us every single day because he LOVES each and every single one of us! How incredible is that!?! How did you all do on being charitable a couple weeks ago? I hope well because this week I want you to be a miracle for someone! Take a chance and compliment a random person! Look for an opportunity to do the Lord's work even if it is just simply by saying something nice to someone you see! How exciting His work is! As we continue to strive to be loving and kind I know the Lord will bless us immensely! Our lives will turn out better when we put His will for us first and we make His will our will! 

One last miracle I want to share with you before I go, yesterday we were supposed to meet with one of our friends but she didn't show up. After being bummed, we got over it, and called by a less active member, Catherine Edwards. At first she was very angry but then she really softened her heart as we continued to speak with her. We met her at just the right time and had we come later she would've been able to tell us about the things that were ailing her because her daughter came home as we lef and she didn't want her to hear about it. AND we would've missed the bus and then missed our other appointment with our friend Tom! It all worked out perfectly and I know that we were supposed to meet with Catherine at that time!

His work is glorious and worth it! It is exhilarating and trying and I am changing everyday and I love it!! I love and cherish each of you so very much!! Have a wonderful week full of miracles!!

Loads of love,
Sister Cummins


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