Thursday, May 19, 2016



I know I say his every week but how I'm he world is it possible that I am already returning to report about this crazy, spectacular week here in Wrekin?!? It blows my mind how fast the weeks go by!!

As for this week it has gone by swimmingly! We are still striving to be even better and better wi each and every passing day because let's be real...who doesn't love progression?!? We have been teaching a lot of friends this week! It has been quite crazy! Our schedules are planned for the week by the time we make it to literally is EXPLODING! People want to hear about the teachings of Jesus Christ because they fill our hearts with happiness and help us to know that we have a purpose! We have found a lot of people interested in the gospel and so we are trying to teach and find and keep it going smoothly..our planning expertise is getting stronger and stronger and I don't know how I lived without a daily planner before....definitely never going to be without one!! 

 I think some of the greatest parts about this week was just getting to visit and teach our different friends that we have been teaching for a while. We have our friend Ange who is a Jehovah's Witness but she has never gotten to be baptised because she can't commit to doing their ministry and so we chatted about baptism and what it would mean to her to be baptised. Her faith is so strong, she lives Jesus Christ so much and just wants to be just like Him! She is such a good example to me and she I feel like she is the one who edifices me when we go and visit her! It was incredible!!! Our friend Richard really opened up to us this week and told us about his life and how he has felt really neglected and unloved  throughout his life. He is trying to find his place in the world. We have met him a few times and he has the desire to be baptised we just need to keep working with him and helping feel the Spirit and the love that Heavenly Father has for him! I think my absolute favourite part of this week is that one of our members here in the beautiful land of Wrekin brought us to meet her nonmember daughter, her name is Emma, and she has really been struggling to feel like there is a God and that He is our LOVING Father. As we went in the lesson we felt really unsure about the plans we had originally made to teach her and she kept saying things that emphasised points of Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness for us.. so we taught her about that and she was so happy!! She was so happy! At every instance and every point she had a smile on her face that went from ear to ear! Her genuine happiness was so evident and anyone could see that! It was amazing! It was just so fantastic to see how there's hinges of Jesus Christ made her so happy!! That's how it can make everyone feel! That's how it will make everyone feel!! I love teaching this gospel and helping people understand how much God loves them! It is so exciting and when they are interested and they accept it, it is the best feeling!!

So Sister Cannon is just the best thing since sliced bread!!! I LOVE HER!! I will never leave her...she is my baby!! My mission baby that is!! We are really growing closer and closer in unity! After lessons we stop and talk about how we think the lessons went and we are constantly saying how the other said exactly what the other was going to! It is amazing and it comes from us implementing praying for each other during lessons, I know it!!! I am also learning so much about how to not struggle when others do. At first when my companions would feel down, I would find something that I was down about as well and then harp on it but now I am learning to be strong and continue on and to stop searching for issues, and I definitely think that that has come from me really trying to choose to trust! I'm learning to just enjoy being human! I have flaws, I struggle, but Heavenly Father loves me and I don't think I fully understand that. I AM LOVED and in order for me to have charity to all people I need to have love for myself as well! 

I truly am learning and growing so much and I love every part of it! This week I really want all of you to think of three ways you can have more charity. For the first one try and think of how you can have more charity towards yourself, whether it be in the things you say to yourself or the things you say about yourself to others and strive to speak kindly and have positive thoughts in your head! The next one can be how you will have charity for one specific person, a spouse, friend, colleague, or stranger, make a plan and accomplish it! The last one I would like you to think of a way you can have charity towards everyone around you. What can you do different to uplift and inspire? I promise that as you do this you will feel more love for the people around you but you will also feel more of Heavenly Father's and Jesus Christ's love for you and in result you will feel more GENUINE happiness and be able to handle life's bumps easier and enjoy the smooth road more!! 

I love you all very much! You strengthen me! You help me to grow and I am grateful to know each of you! Don't be afraid to have courage and stand for what you know to be right! Press forward! You can do all things through Christ! I love you all and hope you have a rockin week!!!

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Make good choices! 

Loads of love,
Sister Cummins 


PS: Sorry if my brain kind of exploded on the screen!! LOVE YOU!!❤

PS: I got my hair cut!!😊

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