Monday, May 9, 2016

happy belated mother's day!

HAPPY BELATED MOTHER'S DAY to all of you wonderful mamas or soon to be mamas or just women who want to be moms or are moms in another way! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! :D
It is your girl here, Sister Heather Shea Cummins, and I am back at this email grind yet that is already possible I have no idea...BUT HERE I AM! :D
This week has been more than wonderful!! People! The weather here has been INSANE...LY wonderful! ha! Tricked ya!(; No but really it was so amazing! The sun was out! I used my sunshine shampoo and we soaked in some rays!!! Missionary work is already the most exciting and wonderful experience ever but when you add on top of that beautiful, warm weather you just cannot go wrong! When the sun is out there isn't just sunshine in my soul but it's abounding rays hit everyone! It's just the! ...and yes I did just say, forgive me :D
This week I think my main lesson came from a prophet of old! Also known as one of the first prophets in the Book of Mormon, Nephi(Go read about him and apply his experiences to your life! Get a free book at, or call up your local missionaries! You know what to do! :D)! As I have started over in the Book of Mormon I am understanding and reading in a way that I never have before! Everthing is SO applicable to me! I am pretty sure that Nephi's life motto was, "Go and do!" As I have read about him and I strive to continue to just go and do I have decided that I want my life and mission motto to be, "Choose to trust!" To choose to trust that whatever happens whether it is good, bad, exciting, or overwhelming that it will be for my benefit! To choose to trust Heavenly Father and know that I will get through anything that may come my way. That someday I will stand in front of him and actually get to hear His voice. I may not get answers to my prayers just by listening but I know that Heavenly Father answers me in other ways and that while I am here on Earth for the short 80-90 years of my life that  I just need to choose to trust!
This weeks main miracles were that our struggling members really opened up to us! One widow really let us in on the problems she faces and I feel like the Lord really helped us to be her guides and strengthen her! We have a lot of members who are just opening up to us and sharing their struggles which is something that they haven't done until just recently! Its amazing to see their trust in us grow and their desire to be better continue to develop! People on the street tell us the craziest things! Things that no one just says to just anyone. Things that tug at their heart strings, things that are too personal to share. Things that are jaw dropping and sometimes things that I really don't need to know! I think Wrekin really identifies us as servants of the Lord and feels a great amount of trust in us! It is an exciting time here in Wrekin! The work is exploding! I think that we will be able to see our friends Tina, Ann(who claimed she would never be baptized but recently said "if" she was we have hope people!! We are breaking down barriers!), Abi(WHO JUST NEEDS TO PRAY! She loves the gospel and it's teachings! She loves it! She is so prepared and just so loving and she called me mature! HA! I busted up...and then pulled it together(; ), and hopefully Richard baptized by the end of this transfer(6 week period) if not the next! I love the people here! I feel so blessed to know them and to be able to associate with them!
So this weeks funniest moments were when we went to a Vegan members home. She made us, what I considered to be, a really tasty nut loaf( and no tasty and nut loaf are not an oxymoron). BUT you know me, I will eat anything as long as it doesn't make me throw up... and even then sometimes... but Sister Cannon was struggling with this nut loaf... she was trying to be polite and when our member asked her if she liked it she smiled and took some more bites but I could tell she was not doing well so right when the member left I just started chopping this nut loaf down and people....I never want nut loaf again.
Moment number two: we met a man named Nah-nah and the whole entire week we were struggling to not sing the song that goes something like, "Oh nah-nah, what's my name?" by Rihanna which is so not mission approved. We made jokes all week about how when he's baptized no one will forget his name....I know what you are thinking...don't worry.
I really love being a missionary! It truly is fulfilling! I love the ups and the downs! I am becoming who Heavenly Father NEEDS me to become and as I choose to trust everyday..HOW AMAZING IS THAT!?!? Anywho!! I love you all! Have a great week! Strive for miracles! Share experiences with one another! Edify each other! Love all who you come in contact with! We are brothers and sister and I know that Heaven is cheering all you wonderful people on! Work hard and pray harder!!
Loads of love,
Sister Heather Shea Cummins

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