Monday, March 6, 2017

hi! hey! hello!

Hello! Hello! All of my friends! It is so good to get the chance to
write you once again! This week I learned so much about resilience. In
our lives it is important that we change and that we change
continually for the rest of lives taking it one day at a time.
Striving to do what we can today to become the people God wants us to
become. This is the time to prepare to meet God. This is the time to
change and become like our Saviour Jesus Christ, this is the
time....SO TAKE IT! Take every opportunity to be changed for good!
Take every opportunity to learn and grow! It's only short and we have
to keep going, keep growing, keep trying. Keep pushing. We have to
keep going. This life is so good. We are all children of God and we
have to not just endure to the end but enjoy every moment to the end.
This week, I was having a hard time. I had a good cry, looked up, and
saw this wonderful girl named Bridget with a huge smile on her face.
She was so lovely. She was a miracle. I also got to see old friends
from Preston and Wrekin. What a tender mercy that was to see they
still were doing well and pushing forward. I love being a missionary.
I love it with my entire being. We are so lucky to be alive. We are
lucky to know each other. I love you so much. Keep your head up. "Be
still and know that he is God." -D&C 6 he is there. I testify to you
that I know it. He loves us and he has a plan for us. Expect miracles!
Love you all!!

Sister Cummins

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