Monday, March 20, 2017

sister hunt's birthday

Hello! Hello!! So everybody! The other week as I was praying, I felt
like I needed to stop replying to emails from my friends, not family,
because I only have 14 weeks left here in England and I have to love
every single moment of it and a lot of times after I read all these
emails I feel a little bit distracted and I have a hard time focusing
on my purpose as a missionary. I am sorry. I hope you each know and
feel of my great love for you and will still love me when I come home
despite me not replying to your loving and wonderful emails! I really
do love you all so much and I am excited to give every single part of
my attention to you when I return home. I just really want to
consecrate my thoughts and desires to help in others come unto Christ.

This week has been a week chalk full of incredible miracles!!
Seriously! We have been working really hard to give everything to God.
We are striving to give our thoughts and actions to him always and to
make our desires align with His desires and we are seeing miracles!! I
believe that, "happiness has little to do with the circumstances of
our lives and everything to do with the FOCUS of our lives", we can be
happy in every single aspect of our lives when we come to know that
this life is one of eternal progression and joy! We are able to have
second chances, clean slates, and he ability to overcome our old
selves and become better!! How great is that!

This week we saw this man and his family who used to be members. We
met them on the side of the road about a week ago and they invited us
over for tea. He used to be a member and his family all have different
beliefs and ideas and we got to go to their home. They have such a
lovely home and family. They are so incredible and kind they were
almost a little intimidating. I could feel Satan trying to tell me,
"stop trying" or "don't teach them they don't want to hear it" or
"don't ask to come back, they won't want you to come". I had those
thoughts bouncing in my head but I kept praying for boldness and
bravery to do what I am here to do, which is to help others come unto
Christ! As I was praying and praying, I didn't know what I was saying
but words were coming out and hey invited us back again this week! How
great is that! I learned that Satan will try to stop us. He doesn't
want us to be successful. He wants us to be sad and to destroy us and
all those around us. But we can say no! We can be bold. We can! We
have the power to choose! We are here to act and not to be acted upon!
I am grateful for his ability. I am grateful for  choices and
knowledge! I love being a missionary and sharing the truths that Jesus
Christ taught thousands of years ago. I am so blessed and grateful for
this opportunity!!

So this week is Sister Hunts birthday and so we celebrated today and
went to Nando's!! It is this great chicken restaurant! I'm going to
surprise her!! She thinks I forgot to get her a gift! HA!! I love

I hope you have a great week!! It is a great week to have a great week!!!

Sister Cummins

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