Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi! Hi!

Hello people whom I love so dear!!!!

It is your sister missionary here! All the way from England here to
say....."I LOVE YOU", I just thought you deserved a reminder!

So this week is wonderful and great but I really don't remember what
happened....I lost my planner...or it was stolen. I wouldn't blame
someone, it was a really nice planner! It had Jesus Christ on the
front! It had a great quote saying, "The great truth of all eternity
is that God loves us with all of His heart, might, mind, and
strength"! Sooooo I wouldn't blame them but now I don't know what I

Next week is transfers so P-Day will be on Tuesday!! How it is already
the end of another transfer I do not understand!! I love being a
missionary! It truly is the greatest thing I have gotten to do with my
entire life! Every day answers of my soul are answered! I pray and the
Lord always expounds wisdom and knowledge to me! He even answers
questions I didn't know that I had, He always knows what I need even
if I don't! He loves us each so dear and wants to give us
understanding! He wants to help us because He truly loves each of us!
I really learned and felt this this week! I'm sorry for the lame email
but I just climbed up a beautiful mountain in Lancaster, England!! The
things this world has and the things we get to behold are so breath
taking! How could God not exist! I love this life! I love being a
child of God! I know that He has sent me here!

I want to invite each of you to pray to see and feel His love this
week. I know if you do this with a sincere heart then He will manifest
it unto you!! Even if you already know, just ask for to feel it extra
strong! We are His children and He will guide us the way He needs us
to go, the at that will bring us the most peace!

I love you all!! Have a great week!!

Sister Cummins

PS: I almost caught a sheep!!!!

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